Analog/Digital Design and Debug

When you’re innovating to a schedule, there’s no time to track down a logic analyzer or protocol analyzer to find elusive mixed-signal problems. Luckily, new highly-integrated instruments are available and are designed to give you a coherent view into the analog and digital signals, serial protocols, and RF signals that make up today’s complex embedded systems.


How to Use a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope to Test Digital Circuits

Learn more about verifying and debugging complex designs with a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO).

Debugging a Mixed Signal Design with a Tektronix Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

A typical embedded design may incorporate various analog signals, high-speed and low-speed serial digital communication, microprocessor buses and more. This application note walks through the debug of a mixed signal embedded design with the Tektronix MSO Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope.

Measuring Digital Clock Stability and Jitter with an Oscilloscope

Learn techniques for quantifying clock stability and jitter over billions of cycles using statistics and jitter analysis tools.

Troubleshooting Analog to Digital Converter Offset Using a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Shows how to perform quick checks on an Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) gain, offset and linearity, using a function generator and mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO).  The MSO is used to uncover a problem with offset error.

Debug and Validation of High Performance Mixed Signal Designs

MSO70000/Serial Mixed Signal and iCapture Capability


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