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Robustness and reliability

Robustness and Reliability 

Solutions for people who push the boundaries of science and technology

From high in space to down at the particle level, engineers, technicians and scientists in the aerospace and defense industry have one thing in common: they trust commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment to make highly reliable measurements and generate precise signals. The people who push the boundaries of science and technology count on Tektronix to provide solutions as robust as the systems they develop and tailored to a specific application.

Test is What Makes the Product

When testing is more than just a check-the-box activity

Because their lives depend on it. For the greater good. To maintain the safety of passengers and personnel. These are the reasons why you devote more time and resources to test than you do to any other stage in the system development lifecycle.

Tektronix recognizes that you require more than just good test hardware to verify and validate a system. Intuitive visualizations, flexibility, automation, synchronization, documentation and backward compatibility are some of the features embedded in the solutions we designed for the aerospace & defense engineer. 

Aerospace & Defense Applications

Aerospace and defense applications

Radar & Electronic Warfare

Use powerful DSP technology that supports your system development lifecycle, from electronic warfare algorithm prototyping to simulation of ultrawide bandwidth RF environments. 
Spectrum operations

Spectrum Operations

Monitor and hunt interference in the RF spectrum in real time, with high-fidelity signal capture.


Make repeatable, automated measurements to test all embedded and mission-critical electronics. 


Test the highest performance communication systems by acquiring signals with minimum degradation at ultra-wide bandwidths. 
Advanced research

Advanced Research

Reliable equipment to control and measure the behavior of fundamental particles, repeatably. Pave new ways with a highly flexible toolset.

Homegrown and generic tools won’t suffice

Testing and integrating equipment into a special workflow becomes tedious when the tools at your disposal are too generic. Our solutions are tailored to a range of applications and sub-applications, with both hardware platforms and software suites made to integrate with your manual and automated analysis and generation use cases.


Aerospace & Defense Brochure

Aerospace & Defense Brochure

Integrated Tektronix measurement tools for signal capture, characterization, simulation and analysis help you deliver on your promises. Learn more about our military/government solutions.
Oscilloscope Selection Guide
Selection Guide

Oscilloscope Selection Guide

This selection guide gives an overview of the complete range of oscilloscopes from Tektronix. It also includes a matrix showing serial protocols supported by each Tektronix oscilloscope series.
Radar Basics
Application Note

Radar Basics

This application note covers the basics of modern radar applications. It also dives deeper into pulsed radar measurements, as well as the lifecycle of radar measurement tasks.