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Avionics dashboard of commercial plane

Quality assurance begins with and ends with test

Make repeatable, automated measurements to test all embedded and mission-critical electronics.

Jitter, power, memory, trend analysis, RF. The measurements needed to develop, verify and validate an embedded design are almost endless. An effective test equipment suite should be ready to provide insight into your designs in ways you may not have planned for. In addition, these measurements require some of the most advanced analysis tools to assure quality against exhaustive system and subsystem requirements. 

Your Innovation is our Inspiration

Every day the tests and measurements engineers need to make become more challenging. We make equipment and software to simplify the lives of engineers, so you can spend more time designing and less time debugging. Whether it’s adding advanced analysis options into our products so you don’t have to rely on external computers, or inventing the ability to simultaneously view the RF spectrum and time domain of a single signal. We make solutions for your problems.

Avionics Solutions

Data Communications 

Embedded systems can contain many different types of devices including microprocessors, microcontrollers, DSPs, RAM, EPROMs, FPGAs, A/Ds, D/As, and I/O. These various devices have traditionally communicated with each other and the outside world using wide parallel buses. Today, however, more and more of the building blocks used in embedded system design are replacing these wide parallel buses with serial buses.

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High-speed Serial 

High-speed digital standards are quickly evolving to support the performance demands of our data driven world. Next generation serial standards and data communication requirements are bringing new test challenges, pushing the limits of today’s compliance and debug tools. From design and simulation, analysis, debug, and compliance testing, Tektronix provides advanced, automated measurement solutions to optimize performance, speed up validation cycles and accelerate time-to-market.

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Automated Test Systems

ATE systems bring their own set of requirements ranging from channel density and rack space to cost of ownership and speed of test. Minimizing the time required to complete a test is often the most important aspect of building new systems. Tektronix offers unique technology to address these problems through Keithley TSP, real-time spectrum analysis, and space-saving low profile instruments.

From industry leading spectrum analyzers to application-ready Keithley systems, Tektronix can meet the gamut of automated test for Aerospace & Defense.

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Power Delivery

Today’s efficient power converters demand less input power per watt of output, but they also demand more in terms of power supply measurements. Topologies are increasingly complex, and parasitics are everywhere, demanding careful comparison of simulations and measurements. Increasing switching frequencies make it harder to control EMI. And systems require a wide range of low-noise, fast-responding power supplies.

Power Distribution Networks (PDNs) must provide many low-noise DC power rails for sensitive loads such as microprocessors, DSPs, FPGAs and ASICs. The quest for more speed and higher density means faster edge rates, higher frequencies and more rails, with lower voltage levels and higher currents. This places pressure on design for both signal integrity and power integrity.

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Application Note

Debugging Serial Busses in Embedded Systems

Learn the basics of the hardware protocols of the most common serial buses, such as I2C, SPI , USB, RS-232/422/485/UART, CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet, and I2S/LJ/RJ/TDM. Find out how to use the protocol trigger, decode and search capabilities of oscilloscopes to solve serial bus integration and debug challenges.

Application Note

Power Supply Measurements & Analysis Primer

A power supply is a component, subsystem, or system that converts electrical power from one form to another; commonly from alternating current (AC) utility power to direct current (DC) power. The proper operation of electronic devices ranging from personal computers to military equipment and industrial machinery depends on the performance and reliability of power supplies.

Power Integrity measurement software

Webinar: Scope-based Power Integrity and Power Electronics for Mixed Signal Applications

This webinar covers the major sources of noise in a mixed signal application and how to identify them. It reviews many different measurements to quantify noise in your system.