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Spectrum Analyzers & Signal Frequency Analyzers

What is a spectrum analyzer?

A spectrum analyzer measures the amplitude of an input signal versus frequency within the full frequency range of the instrument. The primary use is to measure the power of the spectrum of known and unknown signals.

From portable USB spectrum analyzers to benchtop real time spectrum analyzers, Tektronix has the solution to meet your RF analysis needs. Tektronix spectrum analyzers can be used for:

Tektronix offers a suite of powerful Radio Frequency (RF) signal analysis solutions delivering high fidelity and low noise to provide the RF situational awareness you need.

History of signal and spectrum analyzers

Spectrum analyzer vs signal analyzer

A traditional spectrum analyzer searches for signals within a spectral bandwidth and provides snapshots of the signal in the frequency or modulation domain. However, this is often not enough information to confidently describe the dynamic nature of modern RF signals.

A signal analyzer, however, includes additional functionality like digital signal processing (DSP) that detects, characterizes, and analyzes signals with complex digital modulation. Signal analyzers can be used to perform more complicated measurements and deeper analysis of RF modulated signals.

What does a signal analyzer do?

A signal analyzer provides advanced demodulation and signal analysis capabilities for analyzing modern RF signals. A signal analyzer can measure any characteristic of the signal, including magnitude and phase information. Signal analyzers essentially help engineers detect and characterize RF signals that change over time.

Tektronix analyzers powered by SignalVu spectrum analyzer software, provide advanced signal analysis capabilities. Application-optimized software options are also available for vector signal analysis, pulsed measurements typical in the Radar application space, EMI/EMC pre-compliance testing, RADHAZ detection and more.

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Tektronix RF Spectrum Analyzers & Signal Analyzers

Spectrum Analyzer Software

Get the most out of your spectrum analyzer by pairing it with industry-leading signal recording and signal analysis application software from Tektronix.