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Spectrum Management and Interference Hunting

Find interference faster than ever, for less than ever. Real-time results. Real savings.

Interference has long been accepted as a part of operating a radio system.  In the case of cellular networks, interference is actually part of the network.  With even more devices and  networks, new tools and knowledge are needed to measure new interferers and signal types.  Learn more about these signals, the challenges in measuring them, and the solutions that make those measurements fast and easy.


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Worldwide Spectrum Allocations Poster
Tektronix offers a poster with selected points of interest based on popular applications and common worldwide wireless technologies. Spectrum analysis techniques are highlighted and allocated …
Nano Satellite Case Study
Learn how the RSA5000B spectrum analyzer is being used to test the design of nano satellites and their ability to communicate with a base station.
DPX Acquisition Technology for Spectrum Analyzers Fundamentals
A Revolutionary Tool for Signal Discovery, Trigger, Capture and Analysis Detection is the first step in characterizing, diagnosing, understanding and resolving any …
Fundamentals of Real-Time Spectrum Analysis
Engineers and scientists have been looking for innovative uses for RF technology ever since the 1860s, when James Clerk Maxwell mathematically predicted the existence of electromagnetic waves capable …
eGuide to RF Signals
The eGuide to Signals will help you navigate the RF spectrum and gain a better understanding about what kinds of signals might be present around you. Detailed examples are provided for popular signals …
How mobile Network Operators use Tektronix Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer
Field service organizations for mobile communication of network operators are using Tektronix USB-based real-time spectrum analyzer for daily work, hundreds of technicians in different service regions …
RF Recording and Playback Solutions
Introduction to RF Record and Playback Spectrum management, RF interference analysis, signal acquisition, product testing and validation, RF system design, communication security, and academic …
Detecting Drones Using a Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer
No one denies, flying a drone can be fun. For RC and photography enthusiasts, a drone is a source of entertainment, and with a camera attached, a provider of breathtaking …
Indoor Mapping Solution with Tek RSAs and TRX Neon Signal Mapper
Learn how portable Tektronix Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers (RSAs) are used in combination with TRX NEON® 3D Signal Mapper to create a complete indoor RF signal mapping solution. With this new …
The ABCs of Interference Hunting Webinar
What is interference hunting? Why should I care about it? What should I measure for and how should I measure interference? All this, and more, will be covered in our Interference Hunting ABCs webinar …