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Frequency Counters

The Tektronix FCA Series frequency counter, timer, and analyzer packs the functionality of a frequency counter, frequency meter and timer into one feature-rich instrument. With unprecedented resolution, you can capture very small frequency and time changes. Tektronix frequency counters and timers offer comprehensive analysis modes, including measurement statistics, histograms, and trend plots. This allows engineers the ability to immediately determine potential jitter phenomenon.

Compare Model Max Frequency Time Resolution Frequency Resolution Channels Starting Price
27 GHz - 40 GHz 100 ps 12 digit 3
US $16,300
300 MHz - 20 GHz 50 ps - 100 ps 12 digit 2 - 3
US $4,060

Frequency Counters FAQs

What does a frequency counter do?

A frequency counter is a test and measurement instrument that very accurately measures the frequency of repetitive electronic signals, conveying the number of oscillation cycles that occur within a specific period of time. Modern frequency counters also provide a complete statistical analysis and graphical representation of the frequency.

What is a frequency counter used for?

There are a number of applications that require a frequency counter, but they are most often used when measuring radio frequency in electronic and electrical engineering. Frequency counters tend to work best when measuring steady, repetitive signals in environments with low RF noise. Designers and manufacturers of oscillators, clock modules and PLLs make effective use of these instruments.