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High Power DC Electronic Loads with Energy Recovery

The EA ELR is a regenerative load that can sink (absorb) current and recover up to 96% of current, returning it to the local power grid. Regenerative ELRs reduce heat, noise and HVAC costs, making them cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

FAQs for Regenerative DC Electronic Loads

What is an electronic load?

An electronic load is a device used in electrical testing to simulate real-world loads on power supplies, batteries, and other power sources. It allows for precise control over current and voltage to test performance under various conditions.

What is a regenerative DC electronic load?

A regenerative DC electronic load not only absorbs electrical energy but also converts it back into AC power, which can be fed back into the grid or reused. This process enhances energy efficiency, often reaching up to 96%.

How does a regenerative load benefit my testing process?

Regenerative loads reduce operational costs by converting excess heat into reusable power. This reduces the need for additional cooling and lowers energy expenses, making testing processes more sustainable and cost-efficient.

What are the types of DC loads?

DC loads include resistive loads, electronic loads, battery simulators, regenerative loads, dynamic loads, and high-power loads. Each type serves specific testing scenarios, from basic resistance testing to complex dynamic simulations.

How do I set up a regenerative DC electronic load?

Setting up a regenerative DC electronic load involves configuring parameters like voltage, current limits, and load profiles through a user interface or software. Accurate setup ensures reliable and repeatable test conditions.

What features do EA Elektro-Automatik's regenerative loads offer?

EA Elektro-Automatik’s regenerative loads feature true autoranging for extended test ranges, built-in function generators for custom waveform creation, high power density, and advanced protection mechanisms for safe operation.

What applications can benefit from regenerative DC electronic loads?

Regenerative DC electronic loads are ideal for testing power supplies, batteries, photovoltaic (PV) systems, and fuel cells. They provide detailed performance insights, essential for R&D, quality assurance, and production testing.

How can regenerative DC electronic loads save costs?

These loads save costs by recycling energy back into the power system, reducing electrical consumption and cooling requirements. This leads to lower operating expenses and a quicker return on investment.