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Medical Devices and Systems

Helping You Create Innovative Products that are Effective and Safe

Ensure your medical devices and systems are effective, safe, and cost-efficient. Designing for medical products brings its own set of challenges around stringent shielding requirements, complex feedback systems, small device size, and more. You need trusted equipment that can test and verify your designs from research through to production.

Tektronix Power Application THPD0200 TCP0020-01

Power Supply and Motor Design

High efficiency, high speed power supplies are used across the medical space for both life-saving and life-enhancing products. Modern respiratory ventilators often employ high speed DC motors to drive positive-pressure in the lungs. These motors require power supplies for their fast turn-on and turn-off times. Understanding motor behavior is essential to prevent ventilator-associated lung injuries. Analysis tools like the Inverter Motor Drive Analysis (IMDA) software for Tektronix 5 and 6 Series oscilloscopes simplify testing by providing automated setup and measurements, allowing you to focus on design.

For mobile medical equipment, efficiency is desired across every step of the system. Powered mobility equipment may have strict specifications leading to the use of higher efficiency power supplies with GaN and SiC technology. The IsoVu isolated power probes uniquely facilitate measurements on the high-side of power supplies, allowing more accurate measurements to diagnose issues no matter where they lie in your circuit.

EMI/EMC Pre-Compliance

EMI and EMC compliance is a vital stage in the development of medical equipment. Did you know that 50% of projects fail EMI/EMC testing the first time? Intertek Testing Services reports that roughly half of products fail the initial EMC test due to a failure to apply EMC principles, lack of EMC/EMI knowledge, incorrect applications of EMC regulations, unpredicted interactions among circuit elements, or incorporation of non-compliant modules or subassemblies into the final product.

Performing pre-compliance testing greatly improves the probability of a successful first pass of full regulatory testing, and doesn't have to be hard or excessively time consuming. Tektronix spectrum analyzers and SignalVu-PC software allow push-button verification and easy setup, speeding your time to market.

BioFET Schematic

Medical Research & Biosensors


Advanced medical research relies on precise electrical measurement to understand biological signals and perform analysis of living systems. Biosensor development challenges range from working with signals of nanovolts and picoamps, to working with micro or nano-scale devices. Advances in fields like bioimpedance analysis and energy harvesting require sensitive equipment that can capture and quantify the electrical signals within human body. Instruments like the Keithley 4200A-SCS allow researchers to evaluate all the electrical aspects of their work including pulsed response, low level DC, and capacitance characteristics.

Wearables and Implantables


Medical devices are increasingly in the Internet of Things (IoT) space as wearables and implantables become possible for a wider range of medical applications. These devices require extremely limited power consumption and highly efficient operation. Equipment like the DMM7510 simplify determining average power consumption even at the µW level.

When working with implantables, engineers must design for the harsh environment that is the interior of the human body, where electrical insulation can play a role in biocompatibility. Research in implantable devices is also beginning to utilize energy harvesting technology to self-power devices. Source Measure Units like the Keithley 2461 allow characterization of energy consumption and generation thanks to their unique source & sink capabilities.

Medical Power Trends

Calibration and Asset Management

The top priority for medical device manufacturers is the health and safety of patients, and the accuracy and precision of the instruments used in production is of the utmost importance.

As a leading provider of calibration services and asset management for the medical device, biotech and hospital industries, we can keep your instruments working in like-new condition with ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration performed either onsite at your location or in our nationwide network of accredited calibration labs. Requirements for staying compliant with ISO 13485 and 21 CFR part 820 are written into the Tektronix quality manual, giving you peace of mind that your company's equipment, no matter the manufacturer, is being calibrated to the necessary standard.

Calibration and Asset Management