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Is Managing Equipment Getting Out of Hand?

Managing assets with remote teams or across dispersed locations is difficult. You need a way to keep track of what equipment you have, where it is, and if it's ready for use.

An effective asset management program helps you quickly answer questions including:

  • Do my teams have the equipment they need to succeed?
  • Is my equipment in calibration and serviced as required?
  • Does my team have easy access to their calibration and maintenance records?
  • Are documents stored in a manner compliant with our regulatory requirements?
  • How can I minimize or eliminate downtime while equipment is being serviced?
  • Can I get a more accurate equipment inventory and save some of my budget?

Tektronix provides proven asset management solutions that will free you from these burdens. Our solutions range from Calweb®, our cloud-based asset management software platform, to managed services programs that minimize downtime for your teams while providing 100% compliance.

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CalWeb Online Asset Management

CalWeb empowers you to know what equipment you have, where it is, and who has it. It tracks ownership of your equipment, any status changes, and location allowing you to optimize asset utilization. We can help you create a complete equipment list and store it in our secure, cloud-based portal so you can access your equipment information 24/7 from any device.

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Increase productivity with Managed Services from Tektronix

Managed Services

Focus on your job, not servicing your equipment.

Tektronix Managed Services includes options such as storage and staging of equipment for deployment and distribution to your teams, or replacing equipment to be serviced with fully calibrated instruments to keep your people productive. Scheduled or on-demand equipment requests can be handled through our managed services to streamline your process.

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