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  • Document Document Type Release Date
    Low Level Measurements Handbook - 7th Edition Handbook 17 Apr 2019
    Characterizing Nanoscale Devices with Differential Conductive Measurements
    With appropriate instrumentation, the four-wire source current/measure voltage method is a great improvement over older differential conductance measurements, which are slow, noisy, and complex.  The new technique's single sweep shortens hours of data collection to a few minutes, while improving accuracy.
    Technical Article 11 Nov 2018
    Keithley Instrumentation for Electrochemical Test Methods and Applications
    This application note discusses a variety of electrochemical applications, including voltammetry, low and high resistivity measurements, battery test, potentiometry, electrodeposition, electrical device characterization, and other tests that involve sourcing and measuring current and voltage and measuring capacitance with high accuracy.
    Application Note 09 Nov 2018
    Model 2182A Instrument Specifications
    This document contains specifications and supplemental information for the Model 2182A Nanovoltmeter. Specifications are the standards against which the 2182A is tested. Upon leaving the factory, the 2182A meets these specifications. Supplemental and typical values are nonwarranted, apply at 23 °C (73 °F), and are provided solely as useful information.
    Specification 10 Oct 2017
    Unraveling Fuel Cell Electrical Measurements
    Anyone involved in the design, manufacture, application. or repair of fuel cells or fuel cell-powered devices needs cell data that is available only through direct electrical measurements. When properly interpreted, this data not only provides an understanding of how and why fuel cells work, but also indicates the health of operational cells, helps predict their life, reveals failure mechanisms, and provides insight into their suitability for specific applications.
    Technical Article 08 Aug 2017
    Guide to Measuring New Materials and Devices Handbook 08 Aug 2017
    Pulse Testing for Nanoscale Devices
    Pulse testing provides a key capability for the investigation of nanomaterials, nanoelectronics, and today’s semiconducting devices.
    Technical Article 08 Aug 2017
    Making Precision Low Voltage and Low Resistance Measurements E-Handbook Fact Sheet 08 Aug 2017
    #200 Understanding Low Voltage Measurements
    Although techniques for making precision, accurate voltage measurements are fairly well known, many of these methods fall short when resolution must be extended below one microvolt, which is often the case when measuring physical parameters in industry such as temperature, pressure, force, etc.  This application note offers an understanding of these techniques.
    Application Note 08 Aug 2017
    AC Versus DC Measurement Methods for Low-power Nanotech and Other Sensitive Devices
    With modern current sources and nanovoltmeters, the DC reversal method requires less power while providing excellent low-noise results. This combination is optimal for low frequencies (0.1–24Hz,) allowing measurements to be made much faster than with a lockin amplifier. At resistances less than 100mΩ, they have much better rejection of lead resistances, and, at resistances greater than 1MΩ, they have much higher input impedance and less associated loading error
    Technical Article 08 Aug 2017

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