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Where can I find manuals for old Tektronix oscilloscopes?

Question :

Where can I find manuals for old Tektronix oscilloscopes?

Answer :

Sweet nostalgia! We’re so glad you still love and use your vintage Tek equipment. While most of our pre-Internet-age models have been discontinued, we do have some manuals, data sheets and software for 1990’s (and older) products on our Tektronix Product Support page. If you can’t find yours, chances are it was a printed-only copy and isn’t available for download on our site.

However... it’s a well-known secret that some third-party websites have scanned older printed Tek manuals – making them accessible to the whole digital world. Check these links to search for your manual from yesteryears.

TekWIKI (free download)

The Boat Anchor Manual Archive Mirror (free download)

Artek Manuals (paid download)

Printed and microfische manuals

Tektronix is not in a position to represent that manuals provided by these third-party Web sites will be complete and contain all updates. Nor can we represent that a particular manual supports a customer's specific product because of different versions of a product. We supply these links as possible sources for manuals without any endorsement or recommendation.

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