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Wired Communications Series

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Electrical Validation of the Type-C Interface


The introduction of the Type-C interface, and its implementation across multiple high-demand serial standards, has created new challenges for developers. These include new compliance channel requirements, mode-switching and dealing with compliance specifications that span several serial standards. This session will provide a background in what the Type-C interface is, how it is being used in multiple standards, and explore solutions to solve the new challenges for Transmitter, Receiver, and Power Delivery validation.

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Uncovering the Functionality of USB Type-C Technology


Learn about the new USB Type-C connector technology that’s taking the computing industry by storm. Expert speakers from Tektronix explain Power Delivery and all of the functionality that comes with USB3.1 and USB Type-C, and how to perform evaluation testing.

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Simplify your USB Type-C Design Validation - From Complexity to Confidence


Comprehensive tools for debugging failures are key to building confidence that your product will pass compliance and achieve certification. This in-depth webinar will help simplify your validation tasks, moving from complexity to confidence.

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Practical 400G PAM4 Test Methods

The accelerated development of 400G Ethernet technology is driving new requirements through the test community as it relates to measuring PAM4 signals for optical and electrical systems. This presentation will review both of these two very different technology fronts and discuss practical elements of physical layer PAM4 testing ranging from 50mm based CEI-XSR specs to 10Km 400GBASE-LR8.
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Measurement Approaches That Enable PAM4 to Meet Emerging Requirements in Data Communications Beyond 100Gb/sec

Next generation standards like PCI Express 4.0 and 100Gb Ethernet are exploring the need to include noise analysis, in addition to timing analysis, as unit interval (UI) margins continue to shrink. View this webinar to learn more about the importance of comprehensive jitter & noise analysis in support of these new standards.
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