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While we’re happy to “talk tech” with you all day long, we know you’re in a hurry. So we’ve made it easy for you to download manuals, datasheets and software for all our current products, and many discontinued products as well. Just tell us which product you’re using, and we’ll show you everything we have.

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  • Datasheet Literature Number: ReleaseDate
    Arbitrary Function Generators
    The Tektronix AFG31000 Series is a high-performance AFG with built-in arbitrary waveform generation, real-time waveform monitoring, and the largest touchscreen on the market. Providing advanced waveform generation and programming capabilities …
  • Software Document Type Part Number: ReleaseDate
    ArbExpress is a waveform creation and editing tool for Tektronix AWG and AFG instruments. It provides an easy to use and efficient way to create and edit waveforms, transfer waveforms to and from Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG), and …
    Application 066146105
    Double Pulse Test Plug-In Application for AFG31000 Series.
    Double Pulse Test is a method to measure the switching parameters and evaluate the dynamic behaviors of power devices. Users of this application typically want to measure the turn-on parameters, turn-off parameters and reverse recovery parameters …
    Application 066203500
    AFG31000 Series Firmware V1.5.2
    The new version 1.5.2 firmware upgrade for the Model AFG31000 Series Arbitrary Function Generator enables the user to download the new Double Pulse Test Application. It also addresses bug fixes and contains many gui improvements.
    Firmware 066199701
    AFG31000 Series Firmware - V1.4.6. FIRST WEB RELEASE
    ChangeLog:1 Support AFG31151,AFG31152,AFG31251,AFG31252 models.2 Optimize UI.
    Firmware 066199700
  • The AFG31000 series with InstaView™ technology is the first high-peformance AFG with built-in waveform generation applications, patented real-time wave monitoring, and a modern user interface …
    Duration: 40s
    This video looks at how to minimize power losses at the component level and optimize the overall efficiency of a power system. The primary causes of power loss in a power system are the power …
    Duration: 1m 51s
    Do you have trouble making accurate current or voltage measurements? Are you able to make repeatable single ended, differential, and common mode measurements? Start making reliable power …
    Duration: 1m 25s
    This video shows how to set up and run a double pulse test using the built-in software on the Tektronix AFG31000 Arbitrary Function Generator. Now you do not need to spend time creating waveforms …
    Duration: 4m 46s
    The new AFG3100 Series comes with a lot of great new features, like its large touchscreen display and advanced mode to generate long, precise waveforms. Learn more in this feature overview video …
    Duration: 4m 14s