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Reference Solution

EV Traction Inverter Testing

Optimize traction system efficiency and reliability with this oscilloscope-based solution. It enables fast, accurate analysis of the dynamic PWM output of traction inverters
Increase your system performance and reduce your time-to-market with:
  • 3-Phase PWM analysis software including mechanical speed and torque measurements, as well as DQ0 control parameter measurements
  • Serial protocol decoding for common vehicle protocols like CAN, LIN, and SENT
  • Arbitrary Function Generator for injecting signals
  • PC-based remote control for operating at a safe distance from high-voltage and rotating devices


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DQ0 vector control parameters measured on an oscilloscope

For end-to-end analysis of traction inverter and motor systems

Inverter, Motor and Drive Analysis software on the 5 Series B MSO simplifies triggering on PWM outputs and making 3-phase measurements. Phasor diagrams help you visualize and debug 3-phase electrical problems.

The IMDA application also supports a unique DQ0 measurement that provides valuable insight into vector control systems. It mathematically computes D and Q from the inverter’s output and displays these control parameters in real-time.

The application can decode mechanical sensor signals to enable analysis of speed, acceleration, direction, angle and torque. Plot measurements over time to observe dynamic mechanical and electrical behavior simultaneously.

ev traction inverter analysis system shematic


EV Traction Inverter Analysis Reference Solution

The EV Traction Inverter Analysis Reference Solution includes a comprehensive set of analysis tools and probes for debugging and validating traction inverter and motor systems, including calibration and service coverage for 3 years.

Instrument/Probe/Option Quantity Description
MSO58B (5-BW-1000) 1 8-channel 5 Series B MSO oscilloscope with 1 GHz bandwidth including C3 and T3
5-PRO-AUTOMOTIVE-3Y 1 Automotive Solution Bundle including Inverter, Motor and Drive Software Analysis Options 5-IMDA, 5-IMDA-DQ0 and 5-IMDA-MECH and decoding for automotive serial buses
THDP0200  3 200 MHz, +/-750 V, high voltage differential probes
TCP0030A  3 120 MHz, 30 Arms, spilt-core AC/DC current probes
TLP058 1 8-channel 500 MHz logic probe including R3
SOLN-TKSCOPE-AUTO-3Y 1 TekScope PC Software for off-line analysis, including IMDA Analysis and comprehensive serial bus support
PCB-SOLN-STR-TDRIVE 1 TekDrive Data Storage Subscription, Individual Tier, Annual user license
Services 1 Scope includes 3 year total protection plan, T3, with accidental damage coverage, Probes include 3 year extended warranty coverage, R3, and scope + probes are covered with 3 year calibration plans, C3
EA 10000 Series 1 Programmable bidirectional power supplies and regenerative electronic loads