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EV Traction Inverter testing with EA Elektro-Automatik and Tektronix equipment

Best-in-class testing and validation of EV Traction Inverters

Each year, vehicle electrification increases at an accelerating pace. Electric motor and powertrain testing is a critical part of bringing any electric drive-train into production. At the core of the EV powertrain, traction inverters and motors play a pivotal role. Enhancements in these subsystems directly translate into improved vehicle range, performance, and cost.

Testing an EV Powertrain design requires an oscilloscope, appropriate probes, signal source, and application software. The addition of a EA 10000 Series bidirectional power supply allows the simulation of EV battery packs and modules, facilitating simple testing at different states of charge and the simulation of regenerative charging.

Our recommended solution includes:

  • EA 10000 Series Bidirectional Power Supply
  • MSO58B (1) (5-BW-1000) 8-channel 5 Series B MSO oscilloscope with 1 GHz bandwidth
  • 5-PRO-AUTOMOTIVE-3Y Automotive Analysis Software Bundle for IMDA, DQ0 Analysis and serial bus decoding
  • THDP0200 (3) 200 MHz +/-750 V, high voltage differential probe
  • TCP0030A (3) 120 MHz, 30 Arms, spilt-core AC/DC current probe
  • TLP058 (1) 8-channel logic probe
  • TEKSCOPE-ULTIMATE TekScope PC Software for off-line analysis
  • TEKDRIVE-STARTER TekDrive Data Storage Subscription

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