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Using TekDrive, a collaborative T&M data workspace, users upload, store, organize, search, download, and share any file type from any connected device.

TekDrive is natively integrated on many scope models (including 2/4/5/6 Series) for seamless sharing and recalling of files – no USB stick required. Analyze and explore standard files, like *.wfm, *.isf, *.tss, and *.csv, directly in a browser with buttery-smooth interactive waveform explorer views. Finally, TekDrive was built as a service first, meaning scripting, API integrations, automation capabilities, and security were designed in from the start.

Read our blog to learn more about TekDrive and what you can do with it.

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Base Price
US $354 +

Securely access your team’s data anywhere

Is your important data spread across: (1) an old work computer (2) a USB stick next to the paperclips in a desk drawer (3) the over-filled hard drive on an aging scope (4) the photo library on your phone (5) your email message history (7) an IT-controlled error-prone VPN-required on-prem server -or- (6) any other unscalable, non-accessible, unshared, precision-squashing, limited-space format, media, or location?

You need TekDrive – a collaborative T&M data workspace. Your test, measurement, and engineering data should be accessible to you, your team, and your partners instantly and securely.

TekDrive Secure Access
TekDrive Save

Save and Recall directly on Instruments

By mounting TekDrive directly on an oscilloscope or other supported instrument, you create a secure window into your TekDrive files, folders, and data. Use this storage just like any other drive – except backed by the power of instant sharing and seamless accessibility.  

  • Use a simple secure pairing mechanism between supported instruments and your TekCloud account.
  • Configure simple security settings to control access to your drive on shared instrumentation.
  • Save directly to a folder for later access and instant sharing.
  • All Save options are supported including images, waveforms, sessions, tables, plot data, and save on trigger.
  • You and your colleagues can recall/open any file to continue a session on a different day or a different instrument.

Inspect, Analyze and Report on Any Device

Open a Waveform (.wfm), Session (.tss) or other supported file (.isf, .csv, etc.) directly in a browser on any device with no extra software – including a smart phone or tablet. The viewer provides waveform inspection and analysis tools even for large files.

  • Zoom, pan, inspect, add cursors, take measurements - all buttery-smooth.
  • Expressions let you transform and filter data in real time using inline math. 
  • Run and display built-in statistics and measurements on your data. 
  • Our world-class data-viewer is supported by any modern browser on any device including laptops, phones, and tablets.
Inspect, Analyze and Report on Any Device
TekDrive Collaborate

Collaborate Seamlessly with Unlimited Contributors

Security is built-in from the beginning, but so is collaboration – crucial in an increasingly remote world. At an atomic level, you can manage file and folder access with an unlimited number of contributors.

  • Unlimited users can collaborate with your data – same price.
  • Manage access to all files and folders with your internal team or partners outside your organization.
  • Grant or revoke access at any time.
  • Automatically send invitations and reminders when sharing data with others.

Splice into any workflow

TekDrive is designed with integration, scripting, and automation as a developer-friend and user-accessible capability

  • Well-documented REST API enables integration with any connected device or software application. 
  • Generate and revoke TekDrive access keys for simple but secure authentication to your integration, automation, and scripting. 
  • SDKs and examples provided in LabVIEW, Python, Matlab, and other common languages
  • Contact us about the TekDrive developer program to include and sell TekDrive with your devices, software, and business. 
Splice into any workflow
Model List Price Configure And Quote
TEKDRIVE-STARTER US $354 Configure & Quote
TEKDRIVE-PRO US $1,430 Configure & Quote
TEKDRIVE-ULTIMATE US $4,250 Configure & Quote

Requirements, Design, Verification, Validation, Production Test – Your Data is All in One Place

Every step of the way, you generate massive collections files and data. Use TekDrive to organize and store engineering data so that it’s secure and accessible to each team member and discipline in your design and test processes. Keep data at the ready so that you can search and recall channels to any scope in the lab and re-display results.

TekDrive Data
Power Electronics

Debugging Workflows

Debugging workflows involve exploration, communication, and iteration. Too often, users turn to underpowered solutions using screenshots or photos – mostly because it’s easy to grab from instruments, email, attach to a chat and analyze on anything with a screen. Tekdrive makes this workflow quicker and more efficient. It balances ease of use, ubiquity of access, and visualization without squashing the precision of the data under investigation.

Automated Test Data Management

TekDrive is built on a REST-enabled plug-in architecture. If you are using automation and scripting to drive test racks, characterization systems, compliance testing, simulations, or any other process that generates files, attach a TekDrive read/write component to give your system unlimited storage and meaningful organization. We already provide approachable starting points with pre-built examples and SDKs for popular languages, like Python, LabVIEW, MATLAB and more.

Automated Test Data Management

Instrument Integrations

Use TekDrive directly on the following instruments

  • 5 Series MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
  • 5 Series MSO Low Profile
  • 6 Series MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
  • 6 Series Low Profile Digitizer
  • 6 Series B MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
  • 4 Series MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

5 / 6 Series oscilloscopes require firmware version 1.30.5 or higher.
6 Series B oscilloscopes require firmware version 1.32.1 or higher.


Software Integrations

Interact with your TekDrive through a browser and Tekscope


TekDrive offers a well-documented REST API that can be used to integrate data storage and transfer from any connected system. The API is developer, scripter, and automation friendly by offering simple interfaces based on HTTP REST. A common use-case for the API is to simply upload/download data. However, the API also offers capability to programmatically manage folders, traverse the directory tree, manage sharing, search files and folders, and read user attributes.

Python Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Python SDK for TekDrive simplifies automation and scripting by providing a fully installable Python library that abstracts the TekDrive API into a collection of simple Python functions. The code is open source and accessible from the TekDrive SDK Python GitHub site. For simple, automated package installation, visit the TekDrive PyPI Package.
Read our blog to learn more about how the TekDrve Python SDK allows for seamless integration into your workflow.

Pre-Built Examples

LabVIEW Example VIs that upload, download, and show directory tree in LabVIEW
.NET Library for integrating TekDrive data with .NET
MATLAB Code Examples for uploading and downloading data written in MATLAB

TekDrive Developer Program

With the TekDrive Developer program, companies and individuals can quickly add cloud storage and visualization capabilities to your instruments or software. Don’t reinvent the wheel to make your offerings collaborative – integrate with TekDrive.

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