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    TMT4 Margin Tester
    The TMT4 Margin Tester datasheet provides an overview of the product's features, important specifications, and ordering information.
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    Fast PCIe Rx Insight Using the TMT4 Margin Tester
    Introduction Traditional receiver equalization testing is performed using a calibrated oscilloscope and Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) setup to test the performance of the device under test’s (DUT) receiver (Rx). While the scope and BERT setup provides …
    Application Note
    New Method of PCIe Testing Offers Quick Insights
    In this application note you will find six ways in which the new TMT4 Margin Tester addressed PCI Express Gen 3 and Gen 4 device test needs with its ability to offer faster, easier, and more cost-effective link health evaluation.  
    Application Note
    Needed: New Margin Testing Solution for PCI Express
    Introduction The trend toward ever faster data rates is matched with a corresponding trend: an ever-increasing amount of time is needed to validate new technologies. As a result, development bottlenecks are impacting product time- to-market cycles …
  • Watch as we show real-world examples where a new tool for evaluating PCIe link health, the TMT4 Margin Tester, enabled root cause analysis or real-world simulation testing for both transmit and …
    Duration: 41:10
    Watch this brief introduction to the TMT4 Margin Tester for PCIe® Gen 3 and Gen 4 link health evaluation. For a more complete view, view the product demonstration video or go to the product page …
    Duration: 0:32
    Watch as Tektronix Application Engineer Dallas Mohler demonstrates the Custom Scan feature of the TMT4 Margin Tester using an M.2 SSD device.  Learn more about the TMT4 Margin Tester for …
    Duration: 4:51
    Watch as Tektronix Application Engineer Dallas Mohler demonstrates the Quick Scan feature of the TMT4 Margin Tester using an M.2 SSD device.  Learn more about the TMT4 Margin Tester for evaluating …
    Duration: 6:06
    Learn about the key features of the TMT4 Margin Tester and see how it can enable you to evaluate the link health of PCIe Gen 3 and Gen 4 devices with greater ease and speed.  
    Duration: 08:16