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Keithley KickStart Software

Drive innovation through faster test & measurement with KickStart Software. KickStart simplifies what you need to know about the instrument so that in just minutes you can take the instrument out of the box and get real data on your device. By plotting data immediately and offering quick statistical summaries of the data in the reading table, KickStart allows you to gather insights faster and make the decisions you need to move on to the next stage of device development. KickStart enables you to focus your time on interpreting the test results so that your team can meet its innovation goals.

Beyond Keithley power supplies, digital multimeters (DMMs) and source measure units (SMUs), KickStart can also be used as oscilloscope software to control Tektronix bench oscilloscopes.




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New UI Kickstart

Automated data collection from multiple instruments without expert knowledge


  • Collect millions of readings that are streamed to PC disk media for safe archiving
  • Run tests on multiple instruments independently or simultaneously

Simple tools for visualizing data quickly


  • Large viewing area for data
  • Access information about multiple tests in one window
  • Highlight data of interest using markers
  • Compare data from multiple test runs in a single plot
Kickstart Datalogger Graph

Fast and easy test replication and sharing of results


  • Configure tests using simulated instruments and swap in real instruments when available
  • Save test configuration in KickStart project and export along with data for test documentation
  • Auto export data in .csv and .xlsx formats
  • Auto export graphs in picture format

Supported instruments

Instrument Type Model KickStart App
SMU Instruments 2400 Series, 2600 Series, 2650 Series, 6430 I-V Characterizer
Oscilloscopes 3 Series MDO, MDO3000 Series, MDO4000 Series, MSO3000 Series, MSO4000 Series, DPO3000 Series, DPO4000 Series, TBS1000 Series, TBS2000 Series, TDS1000 Series, TDS2000 Series, TDS200 Series Oscilloscopes
Data Acquisition Units DAQ6510, DMM6500, 2700, 2701, 2750, 3706A Data Logger
DMMs DMM6500, DMM7510, DAQ6510, 2700, 2701, 2750, 2000, 2010, 2110 Precision DMM
Power Supplies 2280S-32-6, 2280S-60-3, 2281S-20-6, 2220 Series, 2230 Series Power Supply
Sensitive 6517B, 6514, 6485, 6487, 6517A Precision DMM

About Tektronix Software

I-V Characterizer


  • Configure and control up to four Series 2400 Graphical, Series 2600B, 2651A, and 2657A SMU instruments for DC or Pulsed I-V test in either the same app, same project, or a combination of the two.
  • Enables quick pulse test setup and analysis for the new Model 2601B-Pulse 10us Pulser/SMU for outputting pulses as short as 10us at 10A and 10V.
  • Perform current versus voltage (I-V) testing on a variety of materials and devices
  • Use up to four SourceMeter® SMU instruments in each test

See supported models

Keithley KickStart Software
Kickstart Scope Application



  • Three modes of operation enable data capture and datalogging of waveforms, measurements, and screenshots
  • Supports data retrieval from analog channels of supported Tektronix scopes, as well as from reference and math channels
  • Capture present data or arm to wait for a trigger, capture data, and re-arm for next trigger

See supported models

Data Logger


  • Quickly configure multi-channel data acquisition instruments
  • Stream millions of readings directly to PC disk media for safe data archival
  • Automatically export data in ready-to-use formats for reports and additional analysis - even while the test is running

See supported models

digitize dmm

Precision Digital Multimeter (DMM)


  • Run independent or simultaneous tests that log measurements from one or more DMMs
  • Get a quick summary of data using statistics built into the data table

See supported models

Power Supply


  • Easy access to control voltage bias and current limit while viewing data from primary measurement instrument in main viewing area
  • Configure list sweep to automate tests, such as monitoring power consumption or stability of load current

See supported models

KickStart Power Supply List Sweep
Keithley High Resistivity App with 6517B Electrometer
Keithley High Resistivity App with 6517B Electrometer

High Resistivity App with 6517B Electrometer

The optional high resistivity application (HRMA) for KickStart is designed for use with Keithley’s 6517B Electrometer/ High Resistance Meter. The 6517B along with the 8009 Resistivity Test Fixture is a laboratory standard for volume and surface resistivity measurements on insulating materials. Together, they can be used to measure resistance up to 1018 Ω at up to 1000V.

The KickStart High Resistance Measurement Option makes it easier for you to:

  • Quickly and reliably determine resistivity of material using tests that conform to ASTM D257 standard
  • Perform a Step Response test to identify electrification time appropriate to the material’s time constant
  • Observe resistivity dependence on temperature and relative humidity of environment using optional probes 6517-TP and 6517-RH
  • Use alternating polarity measurement technique to eliminate inherent background currents for the most accurate resistivity measurements.

The KickStart High Resistivity Application requires a license: either the KICKSTARTFL-HRMA2 floating perpetual license or the KICKSTARTFL-HRMA2-AN 1-year time-based license. A floating license allows selected users to manage transfer of individual license to different PCs.

KickStart High Resistivity Application

Measuring the Electrical Resistivity of Insulating Materials

I-V Tracer Software for 2400 Series Graphical SMUs

Keithley I-V Tracer Software leverages the unique touchscreen interface of the 2400 Series Graphical SourceMeter® Source Measure Unit (SMU) instruments to recreate the familiar user experience of a curve tracer for two-terminal devices. Adding the I-V Tracer to your SourceMeter instrument gives you a dedicated user interface for tracing the characteristics of your devices through both current and voltage. With a range of compatible instruments, I-V Tracer can utilize the full capabilities of each source measure unit, including the dual high-speed digitizers of the 2461 to perform tracing with AC polarity and pulsed DC, in addition to standard DC polarity.