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IV Curve Tracer Software

Keithley’s IV curve tracer software leverages the unique touchscreen interface of the graphical 2400 Series SourceMeter® Source Measure Unit (SMU) instruments to recreate the familiar user experience of an IV curve tracer for two-terminal devices. Adding the IV curve tracer software to your SourceMeter instrument gives you a dedicated user interface for tracing the characteristics of your devices through both current and voltage. With a range of compatible instruments, IV Tracer can utilize the full capabilities of each source measure unit, including the dual high-speed digitizers of the 2461 to perform tracing with AC polarity and pulsed DC, in addition to standard DC polarity.

Though IV Tracer will allow engineers to perform failure analysis and parametric characterization of diodes, more advanced I-V curve tracer configurations are required to test MOSFETS, IGBTs, and other high-power devices.

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Increase efficiency in the lab with IV curve tracer software

Enjoy traditional curve tracer functionality while equipping individual engineers with their own IV curve tracer, rather than pooling resources for shared, outdated equipment. Keithley SourceMeter instruments are highly portable and easily fit on benches next to laptops and digital multimeters (DMMs). While Keithley’s IV curve tracer software is installed, you retain the full source, sink, and measure capabilities of Keithley SourceMeter instruments with the functionality of a curve tracer just a click away. The modern interface allows easy export of curves via screenshots or CSV.

I-V curve tracer software interface allows for precise sweeps

The front panel knob gives you real-time control of your I-V curve, responding to the speed of your turn and dynamically adjusting as you pinch and zoom in and out of the graph. In one graph, you can increase scrutiny of curve anomalies like breakdown and turn-on behavior of diodes while accelerating through predictable sections without taking your eyes off the data.

Analyzing I-V Curve Tracer Graph
I-V Curve Tracer Software with Keithley SourceMeter Instruments

Familiar curve tracer capability

A functional successor to Tektronix landmark curve tracers like the 576 and 370A, I-V Tracer with Keithley SourceMeter instruments offer the first modern alternative to the direct control of a curve tracer. Add a simple desktop solution rather than searching for overpriced repair parts or replacements for aging curve tracers.

IV Curve Tracer: Unveiling Electrical Characteristics

What is an IV Curve Tracer?

An IV (current-voltage) curve tracer is a sophisticated electronic test instrument designed to measure and display the current-voltage characteristics of electronic components, devices, or circuits. It provides a graphical representation of how the current passing through a device changes concerning the voltage applied to it. This type of measurement is crucial for understanding the behavior and performance of various electronic components, including diodes, transistors, solar cells, and more.

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Why is IV Curve Tracer important?

  1. Comprehensive Characterization:

  2. The IV curve provides a comprehensive view of how a device responds to different levels of applied voltage, offering insights into its electrical characteristics.

  3. It helps identify parameters such as threshold voltage, breakdown voltage, saturation current, and dynamic resistance.

  4. Fault Detection and Analysis:

  5. IV curve tracers are valuable tools for detecting faults or abnormalities in electronic components or circuits.

  6. By analyzing deviations from expected IV characteristics, engineers can pinpoint defects, aging, or malfunctions in devices.

  7. Performance Optimization:

  8. Engineers use IV curve tracing to optimize the performance of electronic components and circuits, ensuring they operate within specified parameters.

  9. Quality Control in Manufacturing:

  10. During the manufacturing process, IV curve tracers are employed to ensure the consistency and quality of electronic components by verifying that each unit meets specified electrical characteristics.

History of IV Curve Tracer

The concept of IV curve tracing can be traced back to the mid-20th century. As semiconductor technology advanced, there was a growing need to understand the electrical characteristics of newly developed devices. The first IV curve tracers were relatively simple analog instruments that allowed engineers to manually trace the current-voltage relationship.

Over time, with the evolution of technology and the integration of digital electronics, IV curve tracers have become highly sophisticated instruments. Modern curve tracers offer automation, computer interfacing, and advanced data analysis capabilities, making them essential tools in research, development, and quality control in electronics.

In summary, the IV curve tracer plays a pivotal role in understanding, optimizing, and ensuring the quality of electronic components. Its evolution reflects the dynamic progress of electronics over the years, from simple analog tools to sophisticated digital instruments.

IV Curve Tracer Software Demystified

Installation Guide: IV Curve Tracer Software

Unleash the power of IV curve tracing with our step-by-step installation guide. Learn how to seamlessly set up the software to unlock precise measurements and gain valuable insights into electronic components.

Overview: Navigating IV Curve Tracer Software

Take a tour through the features and functionalities of our IV curve tracer software. This comprehensive overview will guide you through the interface, settings, and how to interpret the results, ensuring you harness the full potential of your IV curve tracer.

Supported instruments

Instrument Type Model KickStart App
SMU Instruments 2450, 2460, 2461, 2470 I-V Tracer App

About Tektronix Software

Model Product Description Type List Price Configure And Quote
KICKSTARTNL-ACT1 KickStart IV Tracer App (1 License) Node Locked License for distributing the I-V Tracer App software to 1 instrument (KickStart software used to install license) Permanent US $1,850 Configure & Quote
KICKSTARTNL-ACT3 KickStart IV Tracer App (3 Licenses) Node Locked License for distributing the I-V Tracer App software to 3 instruments (KickStart software used to install license) Permanent US $4,960 Configure & Quote
KICKSTARTNL-ACT5 KickStart IV Tracer App (5 Licenses) Node Locked License for distributing the I-V Tracer App software to 5 instruments (KickStart software used to install license) Permanent US $6,200 Configure & Quote

Failure analysis

Failure analysis of semiconductor devices calls for precise control and immediate results. Sourcing too much power through a device can destroy the sensitive evidence that points to the root cause of failure. I-V Tracer gives you direct control over the output level, letting you slowly ramp up to an I-V curve anomaly then seamlessly creep into the behavior with, with a minimum of 500 nV or 500 fA resolution on your sourced output.


Curve tracers were long considered a must-have in engineering classrooms for their simplicity in allowing students to directly apply their learning to electrical devices. The IV curve tracer software with Keithley SourceMeter instruments offers the same benefit, giving real-time, direct control to students, allowing them to experiment and solidify understanding on a wide range of electronics.

At the same time, you keep the incredible power of your SourceMeter instrument for use in lab exercises with the capabilities of a highly sensitive ammeter, precision voltage and current source, electronic load, and more. Give students the experience they need on up-to-date equipment with modern capabilities.

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