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University engineering students learning how to use oscilloscopes and other test and measurement equipment

The Educational Bench

The future of engineering lies with the engineering students produced by today’s great colleges and universities. The needs of these students span from making basic measurements to debugging wireless and mixed-signal designs.

Students need to use equipment during their studies that they’ll find in industry when they leave college. With nearly 75 years of experience and over 1 million oscilloscopes sold, Tektronix and Keithley provide trusted equipment to the majority of the top engineering design schools around the world. We continue to develop sophisticated instrumentation that enhances the learning experience of the students who will shape the future.

Education Solutions for Tomorrow’s Engineers

Whether you’re teaching basic electronics or supporting students in advanced RF and wireless projects, Tektronix is committed to delivering a full suite of easy-to-use instruments from our Tektronix and Keithley portfolio. In order to help you put together a bench to meet a variety of teaching needs, we’ve designed 3 distinct bench configurations.

Education Bench Configuration Recommendations

Fundamental Teaching Lab

With instrumentation becoming ever more complicated, the Fundamental Teaching Lab brings together straightforward test equipment that provides the functionality your student will need to understand the fundamentals of circuit design without overwhelming them with unnecessary features.

This bench configuration includes the hardware, software, and service components you’ll need to prepare future engineers for tomorrow’s exciting challenges.

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Introductory teaching bench configuration for beginning engineering students

Electronics Engineering Lab

With rapid growth in automation and mobility technology, engineers are searching for new ways to design highly efficient circuits that can look at a variety of inputs. It’s increasingly important for students to develop design and implementation skills in analog and mixed-signal circuits, power management, wireless communications and rapid prototyping.

This configuration features the award winning TBS2000B oscilloscope and provides future electronics engineers with the instruments they need to learn real-world applications.

TBS2000B oscilloscope Tech Briefs product of the year 2020

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Electronics engineering bench configuration for university students

Embedded Design Lab

With embedded designs becoming more complex due increased functionality offered by the devices, students need to learn how to capture and analyze their designs to root cause.

The embedded design bench features the 2 Series MSO - a full featured oscilloscope with many integrated features like an arbitrary function generator and an optional battery pack. This all-in-one platform enables future engineers to be ready to solve any problems they encounter.

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Tektronix Embedded Design Lab

Next-Generation RF/Wireless Lab

With the rapid evolution of wireless technologies and the complexity of IoT designs, your students need modern bench equipment that will prepare them to succeed in the real world. Learning to generate and measure signals in both the time and frequency domain and ensuring their designs don’t interfere with their surroundings is key to their success.

This bench configuration includes all the components you’ll need to help your students learn challenging designs with total confidence.

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