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In-vehicle network diagram of electric car

Data Centers on Wheels

Today’s vehicles run not only on electricity or fuel, but on data.

The reliable transfer of data among sensors and ECUs has long been critical for maintaining safety and reliability. However, the volume of data flowing over in-vehicle networks is increasing exponentially as designers incorporate cameras, radar and lidar. Advances in V2X communications and infotainment systems are also driving unprecedented demand for throughput.

High Speed Serial Technology

Tektronix is an established leader, helping engineers ensure reliable communication of mission critical data with instruments and software for evaluating signal integrity and debugging complex embedded systems.

Automotive Ethernet signal eye diagram

In-Vehicle Networking Standards

Automotive Ethernet

Today’s vehicles generate vast amounts of data, supporting ADAS, infotainment and other advanced vehicle systems. Designer are moving away from legacy standards towards faster IVN standards such as Automotive Ethernet. Careful debugging and compliance testing are needed to ensure reliability and interoperability

  • Compliance testing for 100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1, MultiGBASE-T1, and 10BASE-T1S
  • Fully automated systems perform tests per industry standards and generates pass/fail reports
  • Quickly toggle between validation testing mode and integrated debugging

Explore automotive ethernet debug & compliance solutions

Automotive ethernet for in-vehicle networks

CAN Bus Troubleshooting

CAN and CAN FD are trusted to reliably deliver data throughout many of today’s vehicles. Decoding and triggering on these buses provide important insights into system performance and timing.

Explore CAN bus troubleshooting

CAN Bus troubleshooting

SENT Sensor Bus Troubleshooting​

The ability to decode the SENT protocol on oscilloscopes enables visualization of critical interactions between sensors and ECUs.

Explore SENT sensor bus troubleshooting

SENT Bus protocol troubleshooting
DPO70000SZX ATI performance oscilloscope

DPO70000SX ATI Performance Oscilloscope

Bandwidth of 70 GHz.
Sample rate of 200 GS/s: Lowest Noise.
Highest Fidelity. Maximum Performance.

6 Series B MSO Mixed Signal oscilloscope

6 Series B MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Troubleshoot and validate high-speed designs with bandwidth that starts at 1 GHz and goes up to 10 GHz.

4 Series MSO Mixed Signal oscilloscope

4 Series B MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

4 Series B MSO is a mixed signal oscilloscope with up to 1.5 GHz bandwidth, HD touch display, serial decoding, digital inputs, frequency and power analysis

Serie 2 MDO Mixed-Domain-Oszilloskop

2 Series MSO Portable Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Unlock more space on your bench without compromising performance by choosing our most compact and handheld portable oscilloscope. At only 1.5 inches thick and less than 4 pounds, the 2 Series MSO fe …