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Power Integrity Analysis Reference Solution

Look to this solution when designing and debugging power distribution networks requiring high power integrity. Two versions are available, each built around a 1 GHz or 4 GHz oscilloscope to fit your technical requirement and budget. 
Increase your system performance and lower your time-to-market with:
  • On-scope analysis of essential and advanced power measurements
  • Serial protocol decoding for all major protocols including I2C, SPI, SMBus, SPMI and SVID Arbitrary function generator for injecting signals
  • Power rail probe with low loading and low noise contribution for high accuracy measurement


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mso68b power integrity medium

Ensure the highest power integrity

Precise characterization of Power Management ICs (PMIC), Power Distribution Networks (PDN), and Power Rails ensures that devices operate as designed and are well optimized. This power integrity analysis solution, enabled by either the 5 or 6 Series B MSO, includes probes and analysis tools you need to accelerate time to validation.

  • Validate power supply sequencing
  • Find sources of power rail ripple
  • Correlate voltage, current and digital signals

power integrity analysis system schematic


Power Integrity Analysis Reference Solution

Simplifying the complexities of power rails analysis, this solution enables teams to quickly set up and measure critical parameters. This solution includes calibration and service coverage for 3 years.

Instrument/Probe/Option Quantity Description

MSO58B (5-BW-1000) or
MSO64B (6-BW-4000)


8-channel 5 Series B MSO oscilloscope with 1 GHz bandwidth including C3 and T3 or 
8-channel 6 Series B MSO oscilloscope with 4 GHz bandwidth including C3 and T3

5-PRO-PMIC-3Y or
1 PMIC Solution Bundle including serial decode options and included DPM and PWR analysis options
TPR1000 (5 Series) or
TPR4000 (6 Series)
1 1 GHz or 4 GHz bandwidth power rail probe
TDP1000 1 1 GHz high voltage differential probe
TCP0030A 1 120 MHz, 30 Arms, spilt-core AC/DC current probe
TPL058 1 8-channel 500 MGHz logic probe including R3
SOLN-TSCOPE-ULT-3Y    1 TekScope PC Software for off-line analysis, including PMIC Analysis and comprehensive serial bus support
PCB-SOLN-STR-TDRIVE 1 TekDrive Data Storage Subscription, Individual Tier, Annual user license
Services 1 Scope includes 3 year total protection plan, T3, with accidental damage coverage, Probes include 3 year extended warranty coverage, R3, and scope + probes are covered with 3 year calibration plans, C3