TDS3BATB Battery Recall Notice

Revised - April 4, 2008

Dear Valued Customers,

We are happy to notify you, that as of March 24, 2008, we have started shipping TDS3BATC Battery Pack replacements. As we receive additional TDS3BATC Battery Packs we hope to be able to improve the lead times for shipments. Shipping Status should be going out shortly as to the projected time frames for those orders presently in our customer service, alternate distribution and direct channel order queues.

As indicated before, there were two issues contributing to the delay in shipment of TDS3BATC.

  • Recent problems with Lithium-Ion batteries used in consumer electronics including laptops and cell phones have caused 3rd Party Safety Certification vendor's testing requirements to become more stringent causing lead-times to increase significantly.
  • Back in October, the Panasonic factory that built 15% of the world's supply of Lithium-Ion battery cells burned to the ground and does not expect to be back in production until the middle of this calendar year. This has caused a worldwide shortage of these battery cells and all users of the cells are on allocation. This slowed production of the TDS3BATC replacement packs as new vendors had to be qualified and also passed through the more stringent 3rd Party Safety Certification process.

We have received our 3rd Party Safety Certification resolving Issue one. This allows us to source from two different cell vendors thus improving our shipment capability by having more access to available cells.

Issue two, the shortage of the cell types used by the TDS3BATC, still remains even though we are shipping. Our vendor is working directly with the cell manufacturers to obtain the best unit allocations possible during this shortage. Our goal was to provide replacement units on a FIFO (First-In, First Out) basis; however this has been complicated by a variety of factors including Customer Line Downs, Government Priorities and Replacement units for other channels. We therefore are now prioritizing to Government Priority Orders, Customer Line Down Situations, and then using the FIFO process.

Until receipt of your TDS3BATC battery pack, you may continue to use your TDS3000 or TDS3000B using mains power.

At Tektronix, our customers' safety is our highest priority. Tektronix deeply regrets the inconvenience to our customers caused by the delay in delivery of the New TDS3BATC as the replacement for recalled and new sales TDS3BATB battery packs. We thank you for your understanding and continued patience, as we continue to work through and address this issue.


Bob Bluhm
Vice President & General Manager
Tektronix Value Scopes Product Line

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Quality Assurance.


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