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Keithley Automated Characterization Suite (ACS) Software

Keithley’s Automated Characterization Suite (ACS) is a flexible, interactive software test environment designed for device characterization, parametric test, reliability test, and even simple functional tests. ACS supports a wide array of Keithley instrumentation and systems, hardware configurations, and test settings, from a few bench-top instruments for use in a QA lab to fully integrated and automated rack-based parametric testers. With ACS, users are ready and able to perform tests quickly without the need for programming knowledge.




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Keithley Automated Characterization Suite (ACS) Software

Flexibility with Programming Preferences for Characterization Applications

ACS features Script Editor, an independent tool with graphical user interface for developing Python code and TSP® scripts for performing instrumentation control, data analysis, and system automation. It offers intuitive ways to create and develop GUI design and manage user libraries and modules.

Automate Your Data Gathering Processes

The wafer prober automation option for ACS makes it easy to interface a variety of popular semi- or fully-automatic wafer probe stations into your test setup to capture large amounts of data quickly. This option includes a wafer description utility, real-time wafer maps with binning capabilities, a cassette sample plan utility, and a post-test cassette and wafer review utility. Many of the tools and capabilities built into ACS enhance automated device characterization.

Share Test Projects and Results

ACS offers a common set of key elements that work across a wide range of hardware configurations, reducing time and increasing productivity. Systems perform consistently from one hardware implementation to another, so, for example, it’s easy to transfer your knowledge of an ACS-based system used in single-device component characterization to another designed for wafer level testing.

Maximize the Productivity of Your Keithley Hardware

The tools in ACS simplify test development and maximize the speed of each Keithley instrument linked into the system. Together, ACS and Keithley TSP-based hardware offer the highest throughput in the industry to lower the cost of test without requiring you to spend time learning new programming concepts or languages before getting the data needed to accomplish your goals.

Applications from Lab to Fab

ACS-based Integrated Test Systems are complete solutions for applications such as parametric die sort, high power semiconductor component characterization, and wafer level reliability testing. When paired with appropriate semi-automatic and fully-automatic probe stations, their hardware configurations and test project development can be easily optimized for specific tasks.

Power Sequencing for GaN HEMT I-V Characterization

Because of its “normally-on” characteristic, GaN HEMT requires a specific power sequence during I-V characterization. ACS Software supports power sequencing for GaN HEMT characterization of a device without damaging it to capture its intrinsic I-V characteristics.

Power Sequencing for GaN HEMT Characterization Application Note

Serving Applications Across the Semiconductor Workflow

Both ACS Basic and ACS Standard Editions software are used throughout the semiconductor workflow to perform a wide range of tests for detailed characterization of semiconductor devices. ACS Basic and ACS Standard integrated test systems offer:

  • Testing at the device, wafer, and cassette level
  • Flexible configurations, software, and applications customization
  • Interactive & automated system operation
  • Powerful combination of GUI & script tools for test module development

Development Phase

ACS Basic Edition software is optimized for parametric testing of component and discrete (packaged) semiconductor devices. This software maximizes the productivity of technicians and engineers in research and development with the following key features:

  • Designed for packaged devices (MOSFETs, BJTs, IGBTs, diodes, resistors, etc.)
  • Rich set of test libraries for fast and easy test setup and execution without programming
  • Built-in data analysis tools for quick analysis of parametric data
  • Supports Keithley’s Series 2600B (not 2604B, 2614B, or 2634B), Series 2400, 2651A, and 2657A System SourceMeter SMU instruments

Integration Phase

ACS Standard Edition software is used in the integration phase for semi-automatic wafer testing including robust process development and wafer level reliability (WLR). This software can be used for a SMU-per-pin system level test. ACS WLR software provides these benefits:

  • Fully-automated capabilities to test individual wafers or an entire cassette
  • Software for flexible test setup and parallel testing
  • Reliability test module (RTM) complies with JEDEC standard test methodologies
  • Supports creation of customized test module/procedures

Production Phase

ACS Standard Edition software is also used on fully integrated and automated rack-based parametric testers for process control monitoring (PCM), wafer acceptance testing (WAT) and die sorting. Many of the tools and capabilities built into ACS Standard software enhance automated device characterization:

  • Wafer- and cassette-level automation
  • Test map to map device and tests to sites and subsites
  • Interactive probe station control mode
  • Single or per-wafer Keithley data file
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