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TSP™: A Test Instrument Command Set and Programming Language

Keithley TSP-enabled instruments:

  • Execute user-written scripts independent of PC-to-instrument communication.
  • Improve readability and usability by bridging the gap between existing instrument command sets and common programming languages, like C# and Python
  • Reduce overhead in terms of time spent communicating with a PC
  • Focus the PC on analysis and data tasks

Create Test Instrument-centric ATE Systems

Remove the need for multiple controlling PCs and complex synchronization code. Control other instruments in the system from a single instrument by using TSP-Link™ to communicate with other TSP-enabled instruments and TSP-Net™ to control any instrument on a local network. The resulting automated test system will be smarter, denser, and more adaptable to ever-changing test requirements.

Test Script Processor for Test Automation

Benefits of TSP

Embedded Script Execution

Transform your instrument into a measurement solution through scripting.

  • Leverage high-level code with instrument control commands.
  • Achieve automation with a TSP script that executes at the instrument level.
  • Execute script calls from a PC – or not.

TSP can initiate tests with a single call from the PC or run the test on the instrument automatically without the PC.

Test Automation

Intuitive Command Set

Decrease development time with an intuitive, readable command set.

Other instrument control command sets use abbreviated language to denote functions and settings. This strategy often creates development and maintenance challenges. TSP combines the benefits of high-level, human readable code with lightweight processing power to make writing and maintaining code simpler.

Test Instrument Program

Scalable Test Systems

Expand your test system without expanding complexity.

Achieve parallel testing by applying TSP-Link technology:

  • Expand to as many as 32 instruments in a network.
  • Combine and manage tests across TSP-enabled instruments.
  • Control any LAN-enabled instrument from your TSP-enabled instrument using the TSP-Net interface.
Parallel Testing

Synchronized Test System Control

Keep your system running smoothly without communication overhead.

TSP-Link offers a high-speed trigger synchronization and communication bus to simultaneously and independently synchronize main and subordinate instruments at under 500 ns. Ensure the best performance by combining with a flexible, programmable trigger model for speed and using digital I/O ports to control external digital circuitry.

Test Instrument Triggering

Test Script Builder

Keithley Test Script Builder (TSB) is a free integrated development environment (IDE) for scripting with TSP on your PC. Connect your PC directly to the instrument and begin writing. No additional libraries or packages are necessary. Run the script from the TSB interface or transfer the script to the instrument for execution or integration into other control code.

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Note: Test Script Builder will eventually be replaced with TSP Toolkit extension for Visual Studio Code for developing test scripts. Click here to download and use a beta version.

Programming Environment

Test Automation from the Front Panel

Keithley Touch Test Invent® (TTI) products offer a large touchscreen panel that provides opportunities to automate a particular application by customizing the GUI. The display API for these instruments lists TSP commands you can use to create a unique instrument GUI focused only on the settings you need for your test. Combine the GUI with the test automation power of TSP to run full test routines and data analysis from the front panel. Get immediate visual feedback on your test results on the instrument from the graph, table, or a user-created view.

Download available TTI Apps

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TSP-Enabled Products

2470 SMU front image for product series

Keithley 2400 Graphical Touchscreen Series SMU

  • Nanostructured Materials Research
  • Power Semiconductor GaN, SiC
  • Biosensor Development
  • Semiconductor Device Design
  • Automotive Sensor Design
2602B Front

SMU 2600B: Single or Dual Channel Systems

  • Semiconductor Production Test
  • Semiconductor Device Design
  • Transistor Characterization
  • IDDQ Testing and Standby Current Testing
  • Multi-Pin Device Test

SMU 2650 Series for High Power

  • Power Semiconductor GaN, SiC
  • Solar Panel Test
  • Electromigration studies
  • Semiconductor junction temperature characterization
Keithley DMM7510: Đồng Hồ Vạn Năng Lấy Mẫu Đồ Họa 7.5 Chữ Số

DMM7510 7.5 Digit Graphical Sampling Multimeter

  • 0.0014% DCV accuracy (one year)
  • 1,000,000 readings/s digitizer
  • Touchscreen display
Đồng hồ vạn năng điện tử DMM6500

Keithley DMM6500 6.5 Digit Multimeter with Graphical Touchscreen

  • 0.0025% DCV accuracy (1 year)
  • 1 Msample/s digitizing, 16-bits
  • 10-channel scan card option

Keithley DAQ6510 6½-Digit Data Acquisition and Logging Multimeter System

  • Two-slot, 80-channel capacity
  • 6½-digit DMM for precision measurement
  • Touchscreen display to simplify setup, monitoring, and data analysis
Keithley Series 3700A Systems Switch/Multimeter

Keithley 3700A Systems Switch/Multimeter

  • Six-slot, 576-channel capacity
  • 7½-digit high precision measurement
  • TSP-Link® Technology with TSP® processing allows test execution and control of multiple 3700As or other instruments


Example Test Programs

Keithley GitHub

The Keithley Github contains examples of TSP® scripts for a variety of instruments and applications. There are also instruction guides to set up instrument automation on a PC.
Test Automation Forum

TekTalk Forum

The TekTalk User Community is where TSP® users gather to ask and answer questions about instrument automation
Test Programming Video

TSP Video Series

Not sure where to start with TSP®? The TSP video series on the Tektronix YouTube breaks down the basics of TSP, from your first line to executing your completed script.
Test Instrument Programming Guide
Application Note

How to Write Scripts for TSP

Learn how to write test automation programs that can be loaded directly onto a Keithley instrument and run locally.