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2-RK Rackmount Kit Instructions

2-RK instructions for installing the MSO22 and MSO24 rackmount kit

This document supports installing the 2 Series MSO with the rackmount kit in a standard equipment rack.

This manual applies to:

MSO22, MSO24, 2-RK

  • Manual Type: Field Install Instructions
  • Part Number: 071376501
  • Release Date:

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Kit description

The 2-RK rackmount kit is a collection of parts that, once installed, configure the instrument for mounting into a standard 19-inch equipment rack.

This kit supports all 2 Series MSO instruments.

Parts list

ItemPart NumberQuantityDescription
1407-6248-XX1Rackmount bracket
2211-1732-XX8Screw, M4X.7X8mm. Use for attaching the bracket to the instrument.
3212-0577-XX4Screw, Machine 10-32x.625. Optional, use for attaching the instrument with bracket to the rack.

Recommended installation tools

Use a screwdriver handle with No. 2 Phillips screw tip or a No. 2 Phillips screwdriver to install your rackmount kit.

Warranted characteristics

When the instrument is installed according to the instructions in this document, the rackmounted instrument meets all warranted requirements listed in the instrument specification. Instruments mounted using methods other than those described in these instructions might not meet their warranted requirements.

For tables of the warranted characteristics, see Specifications in the specification and performance verification manual that applies to your instrument model.

CAUTION:The rack is more susceptible to tipping when the instrument is installed. To prevent the rack from tipping, ensure that the rack is stable before accessing rear panel of the instrument.

The ambient temperature inside the instrument rack will vary depending on the location of the instrument within the instrument rack. Tektronix recommends that you measure the ambient temperature in the desired rack location before you install the instrument to ensure the operating temperature does not exceed the rated ambient temperature limit. If necessary, refer to the Environmental Specifications in your product documentation for the operating temperature limits.

CAUTION:The instrument might be damaged due to overheating. When installing multiple instruments in an instrument rack, the ambient temperature may go up. You assume the responsibility to provide adequate cooling to meet the ambient temperature requirements listed in the specifications.

Clearance requirements

The rack in which the individual instrument is mounted must provide the following clearance requirements.

  • At least 222 mm (8.75 in) of vertical space or 5 RU (rack units) of vertical space.
  • A minimum inside depth of at least 14 mm (0.55 in) depth (from rack mounting ear to back of instrument).
  • A minimum external clearance of at least 34 mm (1.34 in) frontwards from rack mounting ear.
  • Airflow enters from underneath the instrument and exits at the top of the instrument. The rack mount bracket ensures clearance for adequate airflow.
  • No additional clearance is needed on the left or right sides of the instrument for adequate airflow.
CAUTION:Adhering to these requirements mounts the rack-adapted instrument with enough clearance for air circulation and accommodation of the power cord and mounting hardware. Failure to provide these clearances can result in overheating and can cause the instrument to operate improperly or fail.

Install the rackmount on the instrument

Install the 2-RK rackmount onto the back of your 2 Series MSO instrument using the following instructions.

Before you begin

These instructions are for qualified service personnel who are familiar with servicing the product. If you need further details for disassembling or reassembling the product, refer to the appropriate product manual. Contact your nearest Tektronix, Inc., Service Center or Tektronix Factory Service for installation assistance.


  1. Install two screws to the top VESA mount holes (closest to the top of the label) on the back of the instrument.
    Do not fully tighten the screws.
  2. Slide the rackmount over the top two screws.
  3. Fully install two screws to the bottom VESA mount holes (closest to the bottom of the label) to secure the rackmount to the instrument.
  4. Fully tighten the top two screws from the first step.
  5. Install the remaining four screws to the outer rackmount holes.

Install the instrument into the rack

Install the 2 Series MSO instrument with the rackmount into your rack.

Before you begin

Align the rackmount on the rack to determine the location of the bottom two rackmount screws.


  1. Install the bottom two rackmount screws to the rack.
    Do not fully tighten the screws.
  2. Slide the rackmount over the bottom two screws.
  3. Install the top two rackmount screws and fully tighten the bottom two screws.

What to do next

Connect the necessary cables and the power cord.


The dimensions of the rackmount installed on the instrument.

Install the optional side panels

The following is an optional procedure to install optional side panels to the 2-RK rackmount to control airflow while still allowing cable connections to the instrument.

Before you begin

  1. Download the PDF version of this document at
  2. Download the MSO2 RACK FILLER PANEL.STL file from the attachments in the PDF version.
  3. Use the geometry from the STL file produce the side panels using the additive manufacturing method (3D printing) and material of your choice.
  4. Create both side panels from the STL file. The panels are designed to be reversible.
  5. Remove the four outer rackmount screws and set them aside. The four screws will be used to secure the two side panels.


  1. Line up the two side panels with the outer rackmount screw holes.
    Make sure to line up the side panel rectangular cutouts with your instrument cable placement. The cutout must be on the bottom side of the rackmount to match up with the ground lug and power connector side of the instrument. The cutout must be on the top side of the rackmount to match up with the USB and LAN connector side of the instrument.
  2. Install the four outer rackmount screws into the side panel screw slots.
  3. Run the required instrument cables through the side panel cutouts.


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