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The TLA7000 is no longer available for purchase. The Tektronix 5 Series MSO and 6 Series MSO are recommended replacements. Information on these products is located at and

The modular TLA7000 Logic Analyzer Series provides the speed and flexibility you need to capture logic detail on today's fastest microprocessors and memory designs. Pinpoint the source of elusive errors and gain the visibility you want with large easy-to-read displays, fast data throughput, and time-correlated views of analog and digital signals through the same probe.



MagniVu™ acquisition Avoid missing events completely in either timing or state acquisition mode with higher sampling resolution (up to 20 ps) on all channels.
iCapture™ multiplexing Eliminate double probing with simultaneous digital and analog acquisition through a single logic analyzer probe.
Flagging the glitch Remove the need to manually search all channels using exclusive ability to show both the time and channel where the glitch occurred.
TS/TH violation triggering Eliminate the time consuming and complex task of monitoring the circuit's outputs with real-time violation triggering that automatically acquires intermittent setup and hold violations.
iView™ display Gain complete system visibility with time-correlated, integrated analog and digital data on one display.
iVerify™ analysis Quickly find signal integrity issues with multi-channel bus analysis using oscilloscope-generated eye diagram.
Automated measurements Easily summarize your design's performance with sophisticated measurements such as: frequency, period, pulse width, duty cycle, and edge count.
Drag & drop triggers Quickly isolate events through simple and intuitive trigger setup. Triggers include: Channel Edge, Channel Value, Bus Value, Multi-Group Value, Glitch, Setup and Hold Violation, or Trigger on Anything.