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Benchtop Oscilloscope Family

Bench Oscilloscopes for Design, Debug and Education

With new features and options added to our versatile portfolio, you'll find the right oscilloscope for your education, embedded design and RF bench.

  • Lower noise and improved signal integrity
  • Bigger screens and touchscreen interface
  • Outstanding signal processing capability
  • Lightweight form factor and battery option
Tektronix Bench Oscilloscope Portfolio
2 Series MSO oscilloscope

Compact and Versatile for Daily Debug - The 2 Series MSO

The 2 series MSO is like a mobile device for your bench. It's intuitive interface will have you debugging your designs in no time while the lightweight form factor and optional battery pack make it easy to take your work with you.

Explore the 2 Series MSO

Get a complete education bench solution featuring the 2 Series MSO

First Choice for Educators - The TBS1000C

The TBS1000C has a new user interface and refreshed look and feel that is intuitive and easy to use. Built-in courseware features help both students and educators during labs.

Explore the TBS1000C

Get a complete education bench solution featuring the TBS1000C

Engineering student learning to test a DUT with the Tektronix TBS1000C education oscilloscope
Embedded design engineer testing a DUT with the Tektronix TBS2000B oscilloscope

Troubleshoot and Debug Embedded Systems with the TBS2000B

The TBS2000B's large screen allows you to see more of your signals while the TekVPI™ probe interface enables you to use the latest generation active voltage and current probes in addition to the standard BNC probes.

Explore the TBS2000B

Get a complete education bench solution featuring the TBS2000B

Measure Complex Embedded Systems, Serial Bus and RF with the 3 Series Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

With the largest display in class, improved low-level signal measurement accuracy, a built-in spectrum analyzer, and industry-leading probe performance, the 3 Series MDO sets a new standard for bench oscilloscopes.

Explore the 3 Series MDO

Get a complete education bench solution featuring the 3 Series MSO

Embedded design engineers working with the Tektronix 3 Series MDO

Choose your scope

Feature TBS1000C oscilloscope
TBS2000B oscilloscope
2 Series MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
2 Series MSO
3 Series MDO Mixed Domain Oscilloscope
3 Series MDO
Which bandwidth is right for you?
50 MHz - 200 MHz 70 MHz - 200 MHz 70 MHz - 500 MHz 100 MHz - 1 GHz
Sample Rate
The right sample rate?
1GS/s 1GS/s - 2GS/s 1.25GS/s - 2.5GS/s 2.5 GS/s - 5GS/s
Record Length
The longer the better
20K points 5M points 10M points 10M points
Analog Channels
How many channels do you need?
2 Analog 2-4 Analog 2-4 Analog 2-4 Analog
Digital Channels
Do you need mixed signal debugging?
- - 16 (Optional) 16
Display 7-inch(178mm) WVGA
color display
9-inch(228mm) WVGA
color display
10.1-inch WXGA (1280 x 800)
multi-touch touchscreen
11.6" HD
touchscreen display
Do you need advanced triggering?
Edge, Pulse width,
Runt, Line
Edge, Pulse width,
Runt, Line
Edge, Pulse Width, Runt, Timeout, Logic, Setup & Hold, Rise/Fall Time, Parallel Bus, Sequence Edge, Sequence, Logic, Pulse width, Runt, Timeout, Setup, Serial, Parallel and Hold, Rise/Fall Time, Video
Serial Bus Options - - I2C, SPI, RS232/422/485/UART, CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, SENT Optional: I2C, SPI, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, UART, CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, I2S, LJ, RJ, TDM, USB 2.0
Waveform Math
and Analysis
+, -, *, AVG, FFT +, -, *, AVG, FFT Basic waveform arithmetic, FFT, and advanced equation editor Automated Measurements, Waveform and Screen Cursors, Arithmetic Waveform Math, FFT, Advanced Math, Measurement Statistics, Optional: Power Analysis
Wave Inspector® Navigation
What is Wave Inspector® navigation?
- - - Yes
Automated Measurements
The more, the better
32 32 36 33
TekVPITM Probe Interface
What is TekVPI?
- Yes - Yes
Connectivity USB USB, Ethernet USB (x2), LAN (10/100 MB/s Base-T Ethernet) USB Host (x3), USB 2.0 Device, LAN (10/100 BASE-T Ethernet, 1.4 LXI Core 2011 Compliant), HDMI
Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi Dongle Support Future Availability -
Built-in Help

What's included?
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Education Solutions
Dedicated tools for Educators
Yes Yes Yes -
5-Year Warranty Yes Yes 1-year warranty 3-year warranty
US $580
Starting price
US $1,640
Starting price
US $1,900
Starting price
US $4,600
Starting price

Which bandwidth is right for you?


A systems bandwidth determines a scope’s fundamental ability to measure an analog signal, the maximum frequency range that it can accurately measure. A bandwidth of 100MHz can accurately (within 2%) show the amplitude of sine-wave signals up to 20MHz.

The right sample rate?


We’d recommend using a sample rate of 5x your circuit’s highest frequency component to ensure you get sufficient waveform detail.

The longer, the better


Time captured = record length/sample rate. So, with a record length of 1 Mpoints and a sample rate of 250 MS/sec, the oscilloscope will capture a signal 4 ms in length. A good basic scope will store over 2000 points, which is more than enough for a stable sine-wave signal (which needs perhaps 500 points). But to find the causes of timing anomalies in a complex digital data stream you should consider an oscilloscope with a record length of 1 Mpoints or more.

How many channels do you need?


The more time-correlated analog and digital channels your scope has, the more points in a circuit you can measure at the same time and the easier it is to decode a wide parallel bus, for instance. Select the amount of channels to suit your application. 2 or 4 analog channels will allow you to view and compare signals timings of your waveforms, while debugging a digital system with parallel data needs an additional 8 or 16 digital channels and sometimes more.

Do you need mixed signal debugging?


Adds digital timing channels which indicate high or low states and can be displayed together as a bus waveform.

Do you need advanced triggering?


All scopes provide edge triggering and most offer pulse width triggering. To acquire anomalies and make best use of the scope’s record length, look for a scope that offers advanced triggering on more challenging signals. The wider the range of trigger options available, the more versatile the scope and the faster you get to the root cause of the problem.

What is Wave Inspector® navigation?


Tek Wave Inspector® navigation controls provide easy navigation and automated search of waveform data

The more, the better.


Tools to automate the search process and accelerate your time to answer include zoom and pan, play and pause, markers and advanced search.

What is TekVPITM ?


TekVPI™ not only supports standard BNC probes, but also allows you to use latest-generation active voltage and current probes. It provides wide application coverage and you don't have to worry about scale factors.

What’s included?


HelpEverywhere provides helpful on-screen tips.

Built-in Scope Intro handbook provides operating instructions and oscilloscope fundamentals.

Dedicated tools for Educators


Courseware function presents lab exercise guidance on the display.
Fully compatible with TekSmartLab lab management software for education.


Level Up With Virtually No Learning Curve

4, 5 and 6 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

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