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Providing signal integrity in high-density packages to ensure improved resolution

As the use of diagnostic imaging systems in healthcare continues to grow, the performance, reliability and quality of medical imaging equipment is of the utmost importance. Image resolution is a key factor in supporting accurate diagnoses and this is largely determined by the underlying technology and microelectronic components.

Tektronix Component Solutions is a proven component supplier for medical imaging applications, actively manufacturing multi-chip packaging solutions for digital x-ray and mammography systems. With nearly two decades of experience supplying custom, high-reliability parts for imaging systems, Tektronix Component Solutions has the strong expertise and capabilities needed to develop and assemble high-density IC packages and modules.

Our IC package and multi-chip module development capabilities are well-suited to the requirements of medical imaging technologies. With advanced wire bonding capabilities to ensure precision wire placement and extensive experience with both flex and rigid substrate technologies, we have the breadth of capabilities to create a custom solution to meet your unique requirements. Our advanced packaging capabilities are bolstered by our turn-key business model that allows us to fully manage the development of your custom parts, from design to assembly to final test.

As an integral part of Tektronix, our organization has a unique strength in test. With this extensive experience, we are able to develop custom test solutions to ensure that your components meet the demanding reliability requirements of medical imaging systems. Add our supply chain capabilities and our team can fully manage the microelectronic development and lean assembly process to deliver fully-assembled and tested parts. In addition, our lean manufacturing philosophy strengthens our overall capabilities and is proven to eliminate manufacturing waste and reduce the cost of manufacturing medical imaging modules.

Our microelectronic expertise can be utilized in a variety of modalities, from digital x-ray and mammography to computed tomography systems and front-end ultrasound transducer assemblies. With over 40 years of experience, Tektronix Component Solutions is a stable, proven supplier that can be trusted to deliver microelectronic components over a system’s full product lifecycle.