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Advanced microelectronics for demanding applications

With over 40 years of experience providing high-performance, high-reliability components for a variety of applications, Tektronix Component Solutions is the microelectronics partner you can rely on to enable your next-generation development project.

We are a US-based, ITAR-registered and accredited Trusted Supplier serving the following markets:


Tektronix Component Solutions is an expert at high-performance microelectronic development and has proven proficiencies in high-speed communications applications. For example, we offer 15 and 30+ GHz BGA (ball grid array) and 40+ GHz LCC (leadless chip carrier) packaging platforms, qualified specifically with the needs of communications and defense customers in mind. Additionally, we provide turn-key services—design, assembly and test—for electro-optical modules. Our optical experience includes development of a proprietary prism that bends the optical path to enable a lower profile for an optical transceiver device. Adding to our IC packaging and hybrid development capabilities, our high-speed data converter modules, leveraging propietary Tektronix technology, support the needs of high-speed communications applications.

Defense & Aerospace

As a Category 1A Trusted Supplier for assembly and test services and an ITAR-registered organization, Tektronix Component Solutions is an ideal partner for defense applications requiring low-volume, high-performance microelectronics. Our defense experience spans a variety of applications, including communications, avionics, radar, propulsion control, guidance systems and other types of sensors and seekers. Additionally, Tektronix Component Solutions is a proven supplier to the military, supplying strategic programs such as the F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Lightning II (Joint Strike Fighter).

Life Sciences

Our broad base of high-performance and high-reliability microelectronics capabilities is suitable for a variety of life science applications. Our experience designing in a variety of substrate technologies enables us to select and design the appropriate material for your particular life science application. In addition, we’re experts at precision wire-bonding, a dominant interconnect technology across life science applications, and utilize either gold or aluminum wire-bond material to support a device’s performance and reliability requirements.

Medical Imaging

Tektronix Component Solutions has nearly two decades of experience supplying custom, high-reliability parts for medical imaging applications and actively manufactures multi-chip packaging solutions for digital x-ray and mammography systems. Our advanced wire-bond capabilities ensure precision wire-placement, even in high-density devices and our custom test solutions verify that assembled components meet the demanding requirements to support the high-resolution capabilities of medical imaging systems.

Test & Measurement

Providing microelectronic technology development for Tektronix’ instruments, Tektronix Component Solutions is constantly pushing the boundaries of performance. Our ASIC designers are experts at developing high-speed devices for signal acquisition, conditioning, processing and generation. These skills, combined with our IC packaging or RF/microwave capabilities, consistently enables the performance of next-generation measurement systems. These same capabilities are applicable to the development of advanced automated test equipment (ATE) systems.