Silver Care Packages

5 Years of Complete Service Coverage for your High Quality Tektronix Product

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Get the coverage you deserve from a Silver Care Package
  • Minimize Downtime – Faster repair time than without coverage (average is 5 days faster)
  • No Additional Repair Costs – Service package covers all parts, labor, and transportation (2-day air shipment in both directions within the country)
  • ”Like-new” Factory Performance – Instruments returned to like-new factory performance after the repair is completed
  • No Hassle Service – No purchase orders, quotes, or approval delays – you are one phone call away from starting the repair process

Priority care

Minimize downtime with a Tektronix Silver Care Package. As a Silver Care Package owner you are one phone call away from starting your repair process – no quotes, purchase orders, or approval delays. Your instrument gets priority in the queue at the depot, and online tools are available to book your repair order and track your instrument’s progress.

Tektronix service coverage spans the globe. Depot technicians around the world have immediate access to Tektronix replacement parts and tools. Getting you back to work quickly is our priority.

No additional repair costs

A Tektronix Silver Care Package is an effective way to control costs and protect you from unplanned expenses. With the Silver Care Package, 5 years of coverage costs a fraction of a single product repair. Our plans cover all parts and labor, and 2-day transportation within the country. Tektronix Silver Care Packages are designed for customers seeking high availability of their instruments, while keeping the total cost of ownership low and predictable.


As the original equipment manufacturer, Tektronix guarantees your repaired instrument is returned to like-new factory performance. Our worldwide service centers are staffed by the most experienced technicians in the industry, and are equipped with the tools and software optimized to restore your products to like-new condition. Your instruments receive the latest firmware updates and safety modifications.


All repair work includes calibration and adjustments to restore published accuracy specifications, ensuring that all measurement results can be trusted. Calibrations are performed under ISO9001:2008 Registered Quality System and in compliance with metrology standards:

  • ISO/IEC 17025:2005 
  • ANSI/NCSL Z540.1-1994 (R2002)
  • ISO9001:2008 

Highest quality

We restore your instruments to like-new factory performance so you can put them back to work quickly, at a significantly lower cost than unplanned, on-demand repair service. That is your Tektronix Service Advantage.

Ordering information


Tektronix has 5 different Silver Care Packages available for the products below:

Silver Care 100 

Silver Care 200 

Silver Care 400 

DMM4000 Series ADA400A P5200A AFG3251 TCP202
PWS2000 Series AFG3011 P5202A AFG3252 TCP305
PWS4000 Series AFG3021B P5205A CT6 TCP312
TDS1001C-EDU AFG3022B P5210A DPO3000 Series TCPA400
TDS1002C-EDU AFG3101 TCA-VP150 FCA3020 TDS3000 Series
TDS1012C-EDU AFG3102 THDP0100 FCA3120 TDS3032C-AF
TEK-USB-488  DPO2000 Series THDP0200 MSO3000 Series TDS3032C-GSA
TPP0500 DPO2012-GSA TMDP0200 P5205 TDS3034C-GSA
TPP1000 FCA3000 TPA-BNC P6243 TDS3054C-GSA
  FCA3003 TPP0502 P6516 THS3014
  FCA3100 TPP0850 P6616 THS3024
  FCA3103 TPS2000 Series TCPA300  
  MSO2000 Series      

Silver Care 600 

Silver Care 900 

1103  P6701B DP-AUX P7240
80A03 P6703B MDO4000 Series TAP2500
DPO4000 Series RTPA2A P6247 TAP3500
DPO4000B Series TAP1500 P6248 TDP1000
DPO4000 GSA Series TCA-1MEG P6251 TDP1500
MCA3000 Series TCP0030 P6330 TDP3500
MSO4000 Series TCP0030-GSA P7225  
MSO4000B Series TCP0150    
MSO4000 GSA Series TCP0150-GSA    
P5210 TCP303    
P6015A TCP404XL    
P6245 TDP0500    
P6246 TEK-DPG    

This list is subject to change. View a current listing of Tektronix Products eligible for a Silver Care Package at


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