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Turnaround Savings Case Study

Improving Calibration Service: Tektronix Enhances Calibration Speed in Semiconductor Manufacturing

A large semiconductor company relies on Tektronix calibration services to augment an internal calibration lab.


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Quality and Compliance Priorities. At a large semiconductor manufacturer, the Senior Manager of Reliability was responsible for running an in-house calibration lab with processes compliant to ISO/IEC 17025 and IATF 16949. As a metrology specialist, he placed a high priority on both accredited calibrations and reducing turnaround time. “I can get anyone to get me a sweet quote and go put a sticker on my equipment. But to actually have confidence in quality service for our test equipment…that peace of mind and quality of life is immeasurable, right? I rank service above all else.”

The Customer Challenge

Achieve 95% T&M Equipment Availability. The company was previously very fragmented in how they obtained calibration services, resulting in time delays and inefficient spending. Meanwhile, they were looking to maintain the availability of their test and measurement equipment at 95%. To achieve this, he elaborated, “With 365 days a year, I should never have someone’s equipment for longer than 15 days.”

The Solution

Augment Internal Lab Calibrations with Tektronix. The company performed a deep analysis and factored in the total cost of ownership, the risk vs. reward, and a “one-stop-shop” calibration advantage into their cost calculations. As a result of the analysis, they selected Tektronix as their single outsourced provider of calibration services to augment their internal lab.



  • Local pick-up and drop-off service for calibration services, which improved turnaround time (TaT) and eliminated worries of shock & vibe from shipping.
  • Occasional onsite service to keep their clean-room environment running for hard-to-move equipment, also resulting in reduced TaT.

The Result

Reduced Turnaround Time, Extending Model to Additional Sites. The benefits of Tektronix service to the company were swift. “In less than three months, [management] saw that we were so much more productive than our other fabs. They did not get how we could be so much more productive with less down time and less money spent.”

In addition to the service provided, the company also stated appreciation for communication with Tektronix in terms of services performed and expected delivery times.

Today the company plans to step and repeat this same single-source calibration methodology in multiple labs across the U.S. “It’s just a win-win all around,” he concluded.

With my in-house lab, as well as with Tektronix as my secondary vendor, I was able to achieve a 2.65 day average turnaround time within 3 months.

– Senior Manager or Reliability, Large Semiconductor Company


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