Spectrum Management and Interference Hunting

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Interference has long been accepted as a part of operating a radio system.  In the case of cellular networks, interference is actually part of the network.  With even more devices and  networks, new tools and knowledge are needed to measure new interferers and signal types.  Learn more about these signals, the challenges in measuring them, and the solutions that make those measurements fast and easy.


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Interference Hunting Application Note

In this application note we'll provide an overview of interference finding techniques and offer examples to help your interference hunting efforts to be more successful. 

How mobile Network Operators use Tektronix Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

The tutorial describe more in detail how the RSA306 is being used in the field.

Fundamentals of Real-Time Spectrum Analysis

Learn how real-time spectrum analyzers can find and solve RF problems faster.

Fast and light, the RSA503A and RSA507A are your all-in-one field tools for…


Get the full featured spectrum analyzers you need in one small, low price package…


All Tektronix USB Portable Analyzers are tested to Military Standards but we…


Today our real-time spectrum analyzers with powerful SignalVu software help…


Get RF analysis power in the palm of your hand at an unmatched price with the…

The ABCs of Interference Hunting Webinar

What is interference hunting? Why should I care about it? What should I measure for and how should I measure interference? All this, and more, will be covered in our Interference Hunting ABCs webinar. 


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