Tektronix AMS (Asset Management System) Floating Licenses Expiration Time.


I received the following message about my floating license: 

(This is a courtesy note to remind you that the checkout of 1 floating license(s) will soon expire.)

Why am I receiving this message when I own the license?


The Floating Licenses are good forever; however, the checkout of the Floating License is good for for any duration from 4 hours up to 4 years, selectable at the time of check out.  After it reaches selected duration, it will automatically check itself back in.  You just need to re-check it out and set the desired duration.

The default duration is 1 year.

If your Floating License has expired go to TekAMS and recheck it out.

You may review the license checkout details using the TekAMS application at:https://www.tek.com/products/product-license.

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