Keithley Parametric Test Systems

Keithley Parametric Test Systems

S530 Parametric Test Systems are designed for production and lab environments that must handle a broad range of devices and technologies, offering industry-leading test plan flexibility, automation, probe station integration, and test data management capabilities. Keithley has brought more than 30 years of expertise in delivering a wide range of standard and custom parametric testers to customers around the world to the design of these test solutions.

The 540 Parametric Test System is a fully-automated, 48 pin parametric test system for wafer-level testing of power semiconductor devices and structures up to 3kV. Optimized for use with the latest compound power semiconductor materials including silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN), the fully integrated S540 can perform all high voltage, low voltage, and capacitance tests in a single probe touch-down.

S500 Integrated Test Systems are highly configurable, instrument-based systems for semiconductor characterization at the device, wafer, or cassette level. Built on our proven instrumentation, S500 Integrated Test Systems provide innovative measurement features and system flexibility, scalable to your needs. The unique measurement capability, combined with the powerful and flexible Automated Characterization Suite (ACS) software, provides a comprehensive range of applications and features not offered on other comparable systems on the market. 


Keithley Parametric Test Systems

S530 Features

  • Readily adaptable to new devices and test requirements
  • Fast, flexible, interactive test plan development
  • Compatible with popular fully automatic probe stations
  • Options for 1kV, C-V, pulse generation, frequency measurements, and low-voltage measurements
  • Compatible with Keithley's Model 9139A Probe Card Adapter
  • Supports reuse of existing five-inch probe card libraries
  • Proven instrumentation technology ensures high measurement accuracy and repeatability in both the lab and the fab

S540 Features

  • Automatically perform all wafer-level parametric tests on up to 48 pins, including high voltage breakdown, capacitance, and low voltage measurements, in a single probe touch-down without changing cables or probe card infrastructure
  • Perform transistor capacitance measurements such as Ciss, Coss, and Crss up to 3kV without manual reconfiguration of test pins
  • Achieve low-level measurement performance in a high-speed, multi-pin, fully-automated test environment
  • Linux-based Keithley Test Environment (KTE) system software enables easy test development and fast execution
  • Ideal for fully- or semi-automatic applications in process integration, process control monitoring, and production die sort
  • Lowers the cost of ownership by minimizing test time, test set-up time, and floor space while achieving lab-grade measurement performance

S500 Features

  • Full-range source measurement unit (SMU) instrument specifications, including subfemtoamp measurement, ensure a wide range of measurements on almost any device.
  • Pulse generation and ultra-fast I-V for memory characterization, charge pumping, singlepulse PIV (charge trap analysis), and PIV sweeps (self-heating avoidance).
  • Low or high channel-count systems, including parallel test, with Keithley's system-enabling and scalable SMU instruments.
  • High voltage, current, and power source-measure instrumentation for testing devices such as power MOSFETs and display drivers.
  • Switching, probe cards, and cabling take the system all the way to your DUT.


4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer Datasheet

Literature number: 1KW-60780-3
Datasheet 16 Mar 2018
S530/S540 KTE Version 5.7.2 Release Notes S530/S540 KTE Version 5.7.2 Release Notes
The S530/S540 KTE Release Notes contain information about the latest release of the KTE Software, including supported models, test configurations, and firmware; enhancements and critical and noncritical fixes; usage notes, installation instructions, and…
Part number: PA-1036S
Release Notes 06 Mar 2018
S530/S530-HV Parametric Test Systems

Literature number: 1KW-60240-1
Datasheet 29 Jan 2018
S540 Power Semiconductor Test System Datasheet
S540 Parametric Test SystemThe Keithley S540 is a fully-automated, wafer-level parametric test system that can perform all high voltage, low voltage, low current, and capacitance tests up to 3kV in a single probe touch-down to maximize productivity and minimize cost of ownership.
Literature number: 1KW-60909-1
Datasheet 26 Jan 2018
High Voltage Wafer Testing in a Production Environment with the HV S540 Parametric Test System
This application note explores several measurement techniques and approaches that enable automated HV wafer level characterization on multiple pins without sacrificing low voltage performance or throughput, as well as share results and experiences in the…
Literature number: 1KW-60936-2
Application Note 24 Jan 2018
S540 High-Voltage Parametric Test Library (HVLib) S540 High-Voltage Parametric Test Library (HVLib)
This manual contains general information about doing high-voltage C-V measurements and detaileddescriptions of the HVLib commands, including usage prototypes, parameter definitions, andexamples.
Part number: S540-908-01A
Primary User 20 Oct 2017
S530 Diagnostics and System Verification Manual 530 Diagnostics and System Verification Manual
This manual describes how to use the S530 diagnostic software tool to verify that your S530 parametric test system is performing correctly.
Part number: S530-906-01F
Primary User 16 Oct 2017
S530 Parametric Test System Administrative Guide S530 Parametric Test System Administrative Guide
This manual contains information about site preparation, installation, equipment startup, and maintenance of S530 Parametric Test Systems.
Part number: S530-924-01D
Primary User 16 Oct 2017
530/S540 KTE Software Manual 530/S540 KTE Software Manual
This manual details the operation and use of the KTE software for the S530/S540 S530 ParametricTest System. It explains the different software tools used in creating and executing test programs andhow system files are controlled and handled.
Part number: S530-921-01D
Primary User 16 Oct 2017
S530/S540 Parametric Test Subroutine Library (PARLib) User‚s Manual S530/S540 Parametric Test Subroutine Library (PARLib)…This manual contains detailed information about each of the PARLib subroutines. Descriptions include subroutine purpose, usage (syntax and parameters), information about placement and relationship to other subroutines, and schematics.
Part number: S530-907-01B
Primary User 16 Oct 2017

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