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Performance DPO Firmware for DPO70000SX, MSO/DPO70000DX, DSA/DPO70000D and MSO/DSA/DPO70000C - V10.8.7.25

This is the latest firmware for the following products: DPO70404C, DPO70604C, DPO70804C,DPO71254C, DPO71604C, DPO72004C,DPO72504D, DPO73304D, DPO72304DX, DPO72504DX, DPO73304DX,DSA70404C, DSA70604C, DSA70804C,DSA71254C, DSA71604C, DSA72004C,DSA72504D, DSA73304D,MSO70404C, MSO70604C, MSO70804C, MSO71254C, MSO71604C, MSO72004C,MSO72304DX, MSO72504DX, MSO73304DX,DPO75902SX, DPO75002SX,DPO73304SX, DPO72304SX This firmware release is a maintenance release to support for DPO70E2 Optical Probe.Please follow the installation instructions carefully. To simplify obtaining and installing the firmware, you can download the file directory to your instrument while connected to the Internet. However, there is not a requirement to stay connected to the Internet when operating the instrument.

This software applies to: DPO70404C, DPO70604C, DPO70804C, DPO71254C, DPO71604C, DPO72004C, DSA70404C, DSA70604C, DSA70804C, DSA71254C, DSA71604C, DSA72004C, MSO70404C, MSO70604C, MSO70804C, MSO71254C, MSO71604C, MSO72004C, DPO72504D, DPO73304D, DSA72504D, DSA73304D, DPO72304DX, DPO72504DX, DPO73304DX, MSO72304DX, MSO72504DX, MSO73304DX, DPO72304SX, DPO73304SX, DPO75002SX

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