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Queensboro Community College Case Study

A Passion for Innovation

Students work in the Queensboro Community College electronic engineering program

Investing in education is the key to the future of innovation. Tektronix is committed to helping university engineering programs around the world give their students and faculty the tools they need to own the future.

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The Customer Challenge

As an adjunct professor at Queensboro Community College’s electronic engineering program Enrique Haro was concerned that his students’ education was limited by a lack of equipment.

He's a firm believer that talking about engineering will never be as beneficial as hands-on practice and tinkering. For example, in order for students to gain experience building hardware solutions, they needed test equipment to characterize and troubleshoot their designs.

Enrique was also in communication with a variety of potential employers about what sort of skills and experience they might be looking for in a graduate. Their feedback solidified his view of the situation.

Practical experience was crucial to his own engineering journey, and he wanted his students to have the same opportunity. He was specifically interested in teaching them RF analysis, a subset of engineering with high demand in the industry and relatively low supply in universities.

The Solution

Haro and QCC partnered with Tektronix to determine which equipment would be the most helpful to their students. Our team worked closely with QCC to deliver an efficient, cost effective, and cutting-edge RF bench solution. The goal was to give students both the tools they needed for any RF project and the experience they needed to have an advantage over other engineering graduates entering the workforce.

After selecting and delivering the brand new RF benches, Tektronix traveled to the school to conduct two separate trainings for students and faculty to ensure that everyone involved was comfortable using the equipment and that it met the program’s needs.

With brand new spectrum analyzers, vector signal generators, and vector network analyzers, the students at Queens Community College now have the cutting-edge RF bench equipment that they need to succeed.

To learn more about Tektronix’s partnership with Enrique and Queens Community College, watch the video at

I'm so proud of the lab because it gives us the opportunity to teach the physical aspects of radio frequency that cannot be taught with simulation.”

Enrique Haro
Adjunct Instructor and Telecommunications Course Director

Products, Software, and Services Provided

Bench Configuration

Hardware Description Quantity
RSA306B RSA306B USB Spectrum Analyzer
For a compact, affordable, high fidelity and low noise signal analysis
TTR506A TTR506A Series Vector Network Analyzer
For fast and accurate RF measurements
TSG4100A TSG4100A Series RF Vector Signal
For flexible mid-range RF test solutions

To Round Out Your Solution, Consider the Following Equipment for RF Benches

3 Series Mixed Digital Oscilloscope
SignalVU PC software SignalVu PC Software
for easy validation of RF Designs
6500 Series Digital Multimeter
High-performance, low-cost, touch screen multimeter
Kickstart Software Kickstart Software
for quick and efficient data capture
2230G Series Power Supply
For testing devices, circuit boards, modules, and products that require multiple power sources
31000 Series Arbitrary Function Generator
Patented real-time wave monitoring and new double pulse test software

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