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Hanze University Case Study

Driving Your Own Future as a Female Engineer

Hanze Racecar Driver 

How Tektronix provided Hanze University with the tools they needed to help students like Rianne Drijver build an electric formula student race car and broaden their engineering education. 

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The Customer Challenge

Rianne Drijver

Rianne Drijver is one of several up-andcoming female engineers studying sensor technology at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, Netherlands. Her passion and hard work allowed her to join the university’s honours programme, which gives her opportunities to dive deeper into electrical engineering and broaden both her knowledge and experience.

To help students like Rianne reach their potential as engineers, Hanze University has made an effort to supplement classroom and lecture experiences with a variety of hands-on projects. The Hanze Racing Division is a perfect example. Their goal is for students to build an electric formula student race car to compete in races with other universities. Since building a race car requires a variety of engineering skills and applications, the project brings together students from many different disciplines to collaborate on a large-scale goal.

The challenge is that this project requires reliable test and measurement tools so students can validate and troubleshoot their designs. Hanze University needed affordable, reliable, and cutting-edge equipment to make the hands-on project possible. 

The Solution

Tektronix provided Hanze University with a TBS2000B oscilloscope, a 2230G and 2260B DC Power Supply, which are designed to combine precise, reliable performance with intuitive and accessible user interfaces. Students like Rianne learn to use the TBS2000B quickly and easily so they can spend less time with the testing learning curve and more time making progress on their project.

By collaborating with students from different engineering backgrounds and using the same kind of equipment she’ll use after graduating, Rianne has gained invaluable experience that sets her up for success. Tektronix is proud to play a part in equipping engineers who are blazing new trails both in culture and technology 

I just really like what I am doing with my life and as long as I like what I am doing I am motivated.

Rianne Drijver, Sensor Technology Student at Hanze University of Applied Sciences

TBS2000B Digital Storage Oscilloscope in use 

Products, Software, and Services Provided

Bench Configuration

Hardware Description
Tektronix TBS2000B Oscilloscope TBS2000B Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Affordable, reliable, high-accuracy signal measurements for today’s embedded design, power supply measurement and power management analysis, education and classroom/lab instruction, and more.
Tektronix-Keithley 2230G DC Power Supply 2230G DC Power Supply
Three-channel programmable power supplies with up to 375 W of power in a space-saving 2U high, half-rack width enclosure to power automotive circuits, LED drivers, power supplies, power ICs, and other high-power circuits.
Tektronix-Keithley 2260B DC Power Supply 2260B DC Power Supply
Source a wide range of output voltages and currents for a variety of applications, including research and design, quality control, and production test.

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