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System Level and Module Test

A communications satellite in orbit

Quickly and accurately measure SATCOM channel performance vector magnitude

The ability to reliably transmit and receive secure communication is vital to military command and control. Every element in the link can adversely impact the quality of the communication. Tektronix products like the DPO77002SX provide the ability to acquire any signal from DC through most of the V-band (up to 70GHz). The fully integrated SignalVu software provides spectral analysis, demodulation (e.g. QPSK, 16QAM, etc.), constellation diagrams, and EVM measurements directly from the acquired data.

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Solutions for Measurement & Generation

Whether you’re measuring signal quality of your broadband SATCOM system, generating signals with complex modulation, or both, Tektronix equipment gives you leading quality, performance, and ease-of-use.

DPO70000SZX ATI performance oscilloscope

DPO70000SX ATI Performance Oscilloscope

Bandwidth of 70 GHz.
Sample rate of 200 GS/s: Lowest Noise.
Highest Fidelity. Maximum Performance.


Spectrum Analyzer Software for RF & Vector Signals

Get a comprehensive suite of tools to capture, isolate, and analyze hard-to-find transient RF signals of interest with confidence.

RSA7100B: Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Analysis and Recording

Scan RF signals faster with flexibility to record, stream and analyze data in real time, at full bandwidth.

  • Up to 26.5 GHz frequency coverage
  • Up to 800 MHz real-time signal acquisition bandwidth
  • IQFlowTM streaming to RAID, LVDS, 40 GbE and an API provides the speed and flexibility needed to perform real-time DSP algorithms, and record/analyze long event sequences
AWG70000 arbitrary waveform generator

AWG70000B Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The AWG70000B Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator makes it easy to customize, generate, and sequence an infinite variety of high-precision signals for design, testing, and operation of complex components, systems, and experiments. 

  • Output frequency: up to 20GHz
  • Sample rate: 50 GS/s
  • Memory: 2 GS/channel, 32 GS (Optional)
  • Resolution: 10 bits
  • -80 dBc spurious free dynamic range


Set up a PC-based software environment for AWG instrument control, instrument emulation and waveform creation.

High Speed Serial Plug-in for Arbitrary Waveform Generators and SourceXpress

High Speed Serial Plug-in for Arbitrary Waveform Generators and SourceXpress

Simplifies signal creation to reduce overall development/test time.



Wideband Satellite Communications Test Systems

This flyer highlights key specifications for broadband SATCOM systems for both generation and analysis.
DPO70000SX high speed serial communications applications
Data Sheet

SDLA Datasheet

The Serial Data Link Analysis option for your oscilloscope provides real-time analysis and evaluation of high speed serial links.

Generating Radar Waveforms with an Arbitrary Waveform Generator Application Note
Application Note

Generating Radar Waveforms with an Arbitrary Waveform Generator

This application note shows how Tektronix software is used with an AWG to create a wide range of RF and baseband signals for the characterization and test of radar systems and subsystems.