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PAM4 Software for Emerging OIF-CEI and IEEE PAM4 Standards

Tektronix, at the leading edge of signal fidelity, works in collaboration with datacom engineers and standards organizations to help pioneer the measurement techniques needed to perform PAM4 Tx and Rx characterization up to 112Gbps/56Gbaud for emerging OIF-CEI and IEEE PAM4 standards.

Real-Time Scope

PAM4 software for the MSO/DPO70000 (C/DX/SX) series:

  • Opt. PAM4 - Comprehensive PAM4 analysis and debug including jitter, noise, BER, SNDR and more. See datasheet »
  • Opt. 400G-TXE – TekExpress 400G TX electrical compliance solution (OIF-CEI-56G-VSR, MR, and LR). See datasheet »
  • Opt. PAM4-O - Comprehensive PAM4 analysis and debug including ER, OMA, AOP, TDECQ, and more.

Sampling Scope

PAM4 software for the DSA8300:

  • Opt. 80SJARB/80SJNB -  Jitter, noise, and BER analysis of high-speed PAM-4 and PAM-2 NRZ serial data rates. See datasheet »
  • Opt. 80S400G-TXO –TekExpress 400G TX optical compliance solution. (IEEE802.3bs and IEEE802.3cd). See datasheet »


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