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Small Geometry Probes


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Features & Benefits

Surface Mount Device Package Support
  • 50 mil SO/SOIC SMD Package Support
  • 50 mil QUAD SMD Package Support
  • 25 mil JEDEC SMD Package Support
  • 0.5 mm EIAJ SMD Package Support
  • 0.65 mm EIAJ SMD Package Support
Circuit Compatibility
  • CMOS Circuit Compatibility
  • BiCMOS Circuit Compatibility
  • FastCMOS Circuit Compatibility
  • TTL Circuit Compatibility
  • ECL Circuit Compatibility
Scope Compatibility
  • TDS Series Scope Compatibility


  • Easy Access
  • General Purpose Relative Measurements
  • Digital Design
  • Device Characterization

SMD Standard Accessories.

The P6563A is scaled for surface mounted IC packages.

The low-mass probe body is only 1.5 inches long and 100 mils wide.

Designed to match the oscilloscope's performance, this probe provides solutions for the most popular EIAJ and JEDEC surface mount packages.

Surface Mount Device Probing

While instrumentation improvements have provided a steady stream of digital troubleshooting tools, the physical challenges associated with probing small geometry ICs have gone unaddressed until now. SMD probes from Tektronix provide circuit designers the first complete, off-the-shelf solution for probing small geometry IC packages.

Unique Utility

The basic contact of the SMD probe family is a 25 mil socket that accepts square or round pins. A variety of tip adapters permits convenient, nondestructive, temporary connection to the most popular EIAJ and JEDEC surface mount packages.

Exceptional performance

Figure 1.

Each SMD probe is designed to minimize capacitive loading on TTL, ECL, CMOS, FastCMOS and BiCMOS circuits. The probe and oscilloscope form a measurement system optimized for circuit designers by providing fast transient response, high system bandwidth and low capacitive circuit loading.

Figure 1 presents a sample conversion of the SMD probe family's capacitive circuit loading to an equivalent number of typical CMOS gates. Being aware of the potential effects of probe loading on the circuit under test can eliminate chasing false indicators, reduce test times and lead to more accurate and repeatable measurements.


General purpose handheld probing.


Signal-ground Pair - 25 mil Square-pin headers on 100 mil centers.


PQFP and Quad Packages - JEDEC 25 mil center lead spacing. EIAJ 0.5 and 0.65 mm center lead spacing.


Circuit Boards in System Enclosures - 25 mil Square-pin headers on 100 mil centers.


SOIC/SOP Small Outline Packages - 50 mil center lead spacing.

Probing Tip

For improved signal fidelity and probing convenience, a short ground blade is included. To use it, form a ground plane of copper clad on top of the IC to be probed. Attach short jumper wires from the device ground to the copper clad. Then, with the SureFoot® probe tip installed, probe the device and display a cleaner signal on the scope.


SMD Probe Characteristics

Probe Set


Digitizing Oscilloscopes

TDS500/600/700 Series

Bandwidth (-3 dB)

500 MHz

Rise Time (typical)

<800 ps

Uniform Signal Delay

±100 ps



Device Loading Capacitance (typical)

<5 pF

Device Loading Resistance

9.5 MΩ

Maximum Non-destructive Input Voltage

42 V (DC + peak AC)

Compensation Range

7 pF - 30 pF


1.3 m

Ordering Information


500 MHz, 20X SMD Probe.

Includes: 2 ea. of 3 Pitches SureFoot® Tip Guides, 4 in. Ground Leads, Signal-ground Adapters, Blade-ground Adapters and 1 ea. Adjustment Tool and Instruction Sheet.

Recommended Accessories

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