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DC Power Supplies

Matching the Bench Power Supply to the Application

Whether being used to train the next generation of electrical engineers or for developing a breakthrough in ultra-low power, wearable products, bench power supplies must meet a wide range of power sourcing requirements.

For applications ranging from basic power sourcing to those that push the limits of performance with high sensitivity sources or sources that can deliver thousands of volts, using the appropriate power supply is critical to obtaining successful test results in teaching, research, design and manufacturing.

  • The most common selection criteria are:
  • Output voltage, current, and power
  • Setting resolution and accuracy
  • Ripple and noise
  • Features and programmability

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Basics of DC Power Supplies

DC Bench Power Supplies with a Wide Range of Voltage, Current, and Power Outputs

  • Single- and multiple-output bench power supplies for education, research, design, and automated testing
  • Power levels up to 1080W with voltages up 10kV and currents up to 108A
  • Specialized battery-simulating power supplies
  • Equipped with advanced features, including current measurement with nanoamp resolution, variable rise/fall times, analog inputs, digital I/O, and programmable interfaces
  • Ready for today’s challenging applications:
    • Power new components, circuits, and devices for design or automated test
    • Perform breakdown tests on high power transistors
    • Power and test low power, portable, battery-operated products such as IoT devices, medical products, mobile phones, tablets, and remote industrial sensors

How to choose a Keithley bench power supplies

Quick links to Keithley power supplies best suited for benchtop applications:

  • PWS2000 Series Single-channel, Low-noise Power bench power supply
  • PWS4000/Series 2200 Single-channel, Low-noise, Programmable bench power supply
  • Series 2220/2230 Two or Three Channels, Low Noise, Programmable Power bench power supply
  • 2231A-30-3 Triple-Channel DC bench power Supply
  • Series 2260B Single-Channel Wide Range, Programmable bench power supply
  • Series 2380 Programmable DC Electronic Loads designed for benchtop and automated test of power conversion devices

Want detailed specifications? Download the complete Bench Power Supplies Selector Guide.

Together, Tektronix and Keithley offer a comprehensive portfolio of bench power supplies to address your power sourcing needs from basic to the most challenging requirements for automated test, education, precision testing of low power, portable devices, and research & development.