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Tektronix Asset Management System

Tektronix provides a variety of licenses depending on the product. The product license administration is through Tektronix Asset Management System (TekAMS). TekAMS has an easy to use web based interface that provides:

  • Inventory of all the licenses in the company account
  • Ability to Check-out a License
  • Ability to Check-in a License
  • Inventory of Licenses Checked out by a particular user
  • Inventory of all Licenses Checked out

If you have received an invitation to use the application, your licenses are available in the TekAMS application (login required)

Effective Asset Management

TekAMS users defined as license key managers are authorized to add users who can then access these licenses and assign them to specific Tektronix Instruments or Personal Computers. TekAMS keeps a track of these assets and enables users to quickly verify compatibility at time of license check-out.

TekAMS supports three different types of Licenses

Node Locked Licenses

Node Locked Licenses are tied to a specific instrument or a personal computer based on a unique Identifier. Node Locked Licenses provide your own copy of the product on your instrument or personal computer. The product or option is permanently enabled for the instrument or Personal Computer.

Floating Licenses

Floating Licenses provide the ability to move the license from an instrument or a personal computer to another by checking in a license from an instrument or PC and checking it out to another. Floating licenses maximize your investment by offering you the ability to move valuable products / options from one instrument to another, to share between labs or across geographies to configure the products based on needs for a particular project or test.

Free Trial License

Free Trial or “evaluation” Licenses allow you to use fully functional Tektronix product for limited period of time enabling you to see the product functionality and evaluate it to decide which products are right for you before purchase. These licenses are restricted for trial only and are not to be used for commercial purpose. A catalog of the licenses currently available on this page. Other licenses may be available. Please contact your account team.


The base version of SignalVu-PC is free and available for download here: SignalVu-PC

You can request 30-day trial licenses in the Additional Options tab on this page.
Free trials for SignalVu-PC options do not require access to TekAMS.


The base version of SourceXpress is free and available for download here: SourceXpress

Free trials for SourceXpress plug-ins also do not require access to TekAMS - guidance for obtaining 30 day trial licenses are on this page.

TekScope Anywhere

You can download the TekScope Anywhere software from here: TekScope Anywhere

30 Day Free trials for TekScope Anywere are on this page.


The base version of KickStart is free and available for download here: KickStart

30 day Free Trials of the High Resistivity Measurement Application do not require access to TekAMS.  You can obtain the license for this application here:  /slam/trial/KICKSTARTFL-HRMA

Oscilloscope Free Trial Licenses

Free trial licenses for other scope software can be obtained by calling your local Tektronix office or Account Manager.



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