RF sensors to sense signals of interest (SOIs)

Sense RF signals of interest (SOIs) in crowded spectrums

RF Sensor Applications

Real-Time Spectrum Operations

Take Control of Your RF Spectrum

The ability to sense important signals of interest (SOIs) in a crowded spectrum has become more and more difficult for military and government personnel. As spectrum density grows, understanding what is in your environment at any given time has become increasingly complex. This is due to the accessibility, affordability, and popularity of RF transceivers. Background characterization and threat response requirements have driven the need for complete and precise coverage of the spectrum in the missionspace, and accomplishing this with traditional RF acquisition systems has become prohibitively expensive and inefficient.

Monitor the RF spectrum with high fidelity signal capture

RF monitoring provides real-time situational awareness to quickly identify and monitor spectrum violations, such as unauthorized transmission, LPI threats, hazardous power or emissions control conditions, and captures of other SOIsk. Real-time monitoring can keep you aware of the moment to moment changes in the dynamic spectrum, as well as the deeper forensics behind the spectrum behavior.

Traditional spectrum monitoring equipment and techniques no longer adequately address today's RF environments, and more precise methods are needed to overcome the challenges presented by current signaling techniques. To help solve these problems, Tektronix Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers provide best-in-class real-time performance using our 6th Generation DPX technology, powerful triggering engine, and integrated data streaming capabilities to quickly and accurately discover, capture, and analyze signals that were previously difficult or impossible to find.

Tactical deployments of distributed RF sensors create a dense spectrum monitoring network.

Easily integrate, deploy, and scale while reducing project risk

Whether deployed on the battlefield or used for research and analysis in a lab, RF sensors and analyzers must provide the technical capabilities required by the RF environment and mission parameters. Adaptability and ease of integration is also critical. Tektronix offers a wide array of solutions, to provide the backbone of spectrum monitoring and threat detection systems. The compact, portable, and rugged RSA306B spectrum analyzer, can be utilized as a software-defined radio sensor, and deployed everywhere, from remote regions of the battlefield to urban areas of development to monitor, track, and record the RF Spectrum.

In addition to our hardware, Tektronix guarantees test and measurement-class calibration to ensure the highest signal fidelity, and we maintain a robust interface for all our equipment to reduce system integration time and enable remotely deployed solutions.

Size, Weight and Power (SWaP)

Very low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) with high RF performance allows you to see spectrum that others can't.

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