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TekExpress DisplayPort 2.0 - DPO/MSO 70000DX/SX - Win10 - V10.4.1

The Tektronix pre-compliance TekExpress DisplayPort 2.0 is an automated test solution for testing the DisplayPort 2.0 Source devices. Tektronix solution supports both Standard-DP and Type C connectors. This solution also includes a DPOJET-plugin solution useful for debugging and characterization.Tektronix DP2.0 solution operates on DPO/MSO 70000DX/SX series model with BW ≥ 21GHz and Microsoft Windows 10 systems. The DPOJET (opt. DJA) and SDLA (opt. sdla64) are pre-requisite for the Tekexpress DP2.0 solution.DPTx needs license key to enable the application permanently. This solution operates on DPO/DSA/MSO70000/C/DX, DPO/DSA70000D and DPO70000SX series oscilloscopes running Microsoft Windows 7 & Windows 10 system software. DPOJET must be installed on the oscilloscope before running this application.

This software applies to: DPO70000SX ATI Performance Oscilloscope, MSO/DPO70000DX Mixed Signal/Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes

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