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BSAPCI3 PCIe 3.0 Receiver Test Application Software, V1.1.1449

The PCIe 3.0 Receiver Test Automation Software (BSAPCI3) runs on a BERTScope or peripheral PC, and connects to a BERTScope and DPP (Digital PreEmphasis Processor) test equipment via LAN. It uses remote control automation protocols to fully automate the PCI Gen3 CEM based receiver testing. BSAPCI3 software also allows PCIe Gen3 receiver link equalization testing when used in conjunction with a DPP-C and the BERTScope models noted below.<br><br> The software automates the process of calibrating the connection between the DPP and the BERTScope; and saves the calibration results in a database. The software also automates the process of calibrating the stressed eye for performing BER testing.<br><br> BER testing is performed by stepping through a wizard that automates the process of loopback initiation and BER testing. The results are stored in a database and can be reported as HTML files or exported to CSV Files.<br><br> Special Configuration notes:<br><br> 1. For customers who need to perform Rx Link Eq testing, the RS232 connector on the back of their BERTScope C must be labeled DPP LINK. For BERTScope BSAxxxC with serial number 280514 and below, the upgrade BSAxxxCUP COMUP must be installed to enable the DPP LINK high speed serial connection.<br><br> 2. Update DPP125C SW. Upgrade Instructions can be found <a href= desc>here</a> (search for Tektronix document part number 071320900).

This software applies to: BSA175C, BSA260C, BSA286C, DPP125C

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