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What is SATA?

Question :

What is SATA?

Answer :

Here are two techniques to set up the SATA test system: AWG method and the BIST FIS (Built In Self Test Frame Information Structure) method.

AWG Test Method

AWG test method would conduct Out of band testing. Also stimulate Host controller or the device to generate ALIGN pattern. This pattern can be used to conduct quick test for rise time/fall time, AC common mode voltage, differential skew, and unit interval.

Tektronix AWG7000 Series is required to send the COMWAKE and COMINIT signals to the device under test (DUT). On getting the stimulus from the AWG, the DUT responds with the handshaking signal (Out-of-Band - OOB signal). Serial ATA developers need to verify the time duration between various bursts of the OOB signal to ensure that the DUT is responding with the correct handshaking signal. Also the correct sync pattern needs to be verified on the oscilloscope (by force triggering the oscilloscope) to ensure proper communication. Fig.1 shows signaling behavior in AWG method.

Figure 1

Figure 1A

Figure 1


Many of the compliance tests need specific test patterns. These test patterns are generated by setting register in the DUT. The BIST FIS test set up is shown in fig. 2.

Figure 2

Figure 2

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