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What are some of the benefits of the TekVPI probe interface?

Question :

What are some of the benefits of the TekVPI probe interface?

Answer :

The biggest benefits of the TekVPI™ probe interface are versatility and ease of use.

Oscilloscopes with TekVPI interface support a wide range of probes including TekVPI probes, BNC and TekProbe-BNC Level 1 probes, and TekProbe-BNC Level 2 probes (via a TPA-BNC adapter). 

When TekVPI probes are used, the ease of use benefits are:

  1. Reliable and easy single-handed probe attachment and release of the probe from the oscilloscope.
  2. Intelligent bi-directional oscilloscope to probe communication.  This allows for quick and easy access to the oscilloscope’s probe menu for probe setup, control and monitoring via a button on the probe.  Ease of probe setup includes easy deskew, easy calibration, built-in degauss for current probes, and built-in autozero function for differential probes.
  3. The intelligent bi-directional communication also enables remote control commands of probe setup to simplify remote or automated testing applications.
  4. Direct connection of 30A and 150A current probes to oscilloscope channel inputs without the need for external power supplies or amplifiers*.

*Except DPO2000/ MSO 2000 series.  See datasheet or user manual for more information.

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