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Is there a way to configure my TLA so that an email is sent when a trigger occurs?

Question :

Is there a way to configure my TLA so that an email is sent when a trigger occurs?

Answer :

Yes, follow the following steps:
  1. Enable Repetitive Run Mode
    Place the TLA logic analyzer in repetitive run mode by clicking on the repetitive/single run button to the right of the Run button.
  2. Access the Repetitive Properties Menu.
    Click on System and then select Repetitive Properties.
  3. Choose Repetitive Parameters
    There are a number of selections that need to be made in the Repetitive Properties menu.
    • Have the analyzer stop after it triggers by checking the Stop After N Acquisitions box and enter a value of 1 for the number of acquisitions to be run.
    • Check the When Stopped box and click the Open? button to define which program to execute when the TLA triggers.
    • Enter the path and batch filename (e-mail_me.bat in this example) in the Open: field. Set the Initial Directory: field to path where the RunMail program resides (root of the D: drive in this example).

  4. Build The Batch File
    Using a text editor such as Notepad construct a batch file with the following components: runmail.exe ""TLA Trigger E-Mail"" test.txt ""Sender Name"" [email protected] [email protected] Where:
    • runmail.exe = name of the command line e-mail program to be run.
    • "TLA Trigger E-Mail" = Subject of the e-mail in quotes.
    • test.txt = a text file, located in the same directory as runmail, which contains the body of the e-mail.
    • "Sender Name" = the e-mail sender?s name in quotes.
    • [email protected] = the senders e-mail address.
    • [email protected] = the recipients e-mail address.

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Product Series: TLA7000


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