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The Green LED on my RSAXXX is on, but I cannot connect to SignalVu-PC?  

Question :

The Green LED on my RSAXXX is on, but I cannot connect to SignalVu-PC?  

Answer :

After installation of SignalVu-PC and the Tektronix USB driver, I cannot get the instrument to be found with SignalVu-PC.

Note: The first time connecting to the instrument may require up to 30 seconds for SignalVu-PC to find the instrument. Subsequent links will occur faster.

To troubleshoot connection issues, first make sure that the Tektronix USB driver is installed. To do this:

Open Device Manager on the PC.  Then look in "Universal Serial Bus Controllers".  You should see your RSAXXX instrument listed like "Tektronix RSA306B".  

If  you do not see your Tektronix RSAXXX listed – you will need to update the USB3.0 drivers from the motherboard manufacturers website.

Check on the website of your PC manufacturer for the latest drivers for your PC.

Note:If you can’t open device manager then you may not have sufficient access rights to install SignalVu-PC. If you do not have administrator privileges, it is possible that the Tektronix USB driver will not install correctly.

Note: In some PC's, the latest manufacture's drivers for the PC and for the processor may need to be installed as well.

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